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Juice Review - VV Pixie Blood

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by , 03-23-2012 at 03:12 AM (713 Views)
I'm on my 2nd bottle of this. This one is a go-to vape for me on most days.

[URL="http://www.............com/e-liquids/372-pixie-blood-e-liquid.html"]VV Pixie Blood[/URL]
12mg nicotine
70% PG / 30% VG
10ml bottle
Standard eGo-T setup

I could almost make this one an all-day vape, if I could carry my eGo in my pocket at work. The flavor is light and sweet, with just a bit of throat hit. Tons of vapor at 30% VG. Unfortunately the flavor isn't really strong enough for my preference in my cartos, so it is strictly in my eGo tanks. Next time I'm ordering a bigger bottle with no nic, so I can just puff on it all day. I swear I could drink the stuff, it's so good.