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  1. DIY supplies from Wizard Labs

    by , Today at 06:02 PM (devilchasnme's experiments in vape)
    Just got my first-time (and 2nd) order from Wizard Labs. I put in my first order during their most recent nicotine order catch-up. I ordered just a few syringes, and some 50ml dropper bottles. Order placed 4/11, Shipped 4/15, Arrived 4/19 in Detroit. Second order I placed (nic only) when I got their email that their nicotine was restocked. Order placed 4/15, Shipped 4/17, Arrived 4/19. The second order dates are probably more typical.

    I was surprised the nicotine 100mg/ml came in a ...
  2. The Flavor Apprentice - Flavor list

    by , Today at 04:03 AM
    Many thanks to ECF member Taledus for this listing:

    Quote Originally Posted by Taledus View Post
    Someone did something similar for LorAnn Flavors. Sorry this list is not as detailed with all the ingredients. Please don't turn this into heated discussions about the chemicals...just post information please as there are a few other threads discussing these chemicals. I am not posting this to condone or condem anyone using flavors with certain ingredients in them.

    I am only human, and am prone to mistakes just like