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  1. Behind the Thin Blue Line - a 911 Dispatchers' Vaping Shenanigans

    by , Today at 06:13 AM
    12 hour shifts are an occupational hazard. I am an emergency services dispatcher for a small county in Missouri. For the sake of my job security and anonymity - the county and all details shall remain undisclosed.

    Today was a fun one, my friends. It's been a stupid week already, but today took the cake. Had my first medical that resulted in a death, after CPR and first aid goodies applied. Nothing prepares you for the adrenaline rush, and the sudden let down. All said, I handle stress ...
  2. A New-To-Me Wick Medium......RXW

    by , Today at 12:11 AM (OTD Sez)
    Or ReadyXWick (-:

    Got the 2mm and 3mm combo pack from RBA Supplies two days ago, finally got around to making up a coil today.
    Oh yeah, RBA sent a a roll of Smarties candy with the wick, how cool is that!?

    Anyhoo this stuff is starting out AMAZING! Beats the pants right off the cotton I've been using. Sucks the liquid up off the deck of the Igo-L as fast as I can vape it. NO DRY HITS yet. Sucks the deck dry and then when it's pretty nearly dry instead of a gawd awfull ...