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How I Make My coils pg 2

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by , 07-17-2013 at 07:35 AM (512 Views)
Let's start off with the materials you will need.
[U]From Left To Right: [/U]Torch, Forceps, Wire, 3/32 Drill Bit, Beer, Snips (Although highly recommended the beer is optional). You will also need a small bowl or glass for water to "quench" your coil in. You can also use a multimeter to figure the resistance of a given length of wire for wrapping to a set resistance. I have one, but I just use one of the various charts that give resistance for lengths of wire. After a few times using this method you will know how many loops give you a particular resistance.
I'm going to use 26 gauge wire for this coil to make it easier to photograph.

*note: I'm not doing this on my bed.....ever since an unfortunate incident involving a super heated piece of SS wire rope, the Warden now requires me to put down a bed sheet on the kitchen table before I use it.

Before we start I'm going to briefly explain two terms that you will see through out. "Anneal" to remove hardness from metal and "Harden" to add hardness to metal. In various stages we will be annealing, heat the metal to cherry red and then allow to air cool and Hardening, heating the metal to a cherry red and then rapidly cooling in water. I feel these steps are essential in making these types of coils.
Step 1.
[/U]Anneal your length of wire in the torch flame. I just slowly pull the wire through the flame heating it in small sections. After it has cooled, gently straiten it and work any kinks out.
Annealing the wire is important, it makes it easier to wrap, takes some of the springiness out of it and makes it easier to get any kinks out.
When finished it should look something like this:
Now it's time to start wrapping. Go ahead and grab another beer, it will help dull the pain if you burn your fingers
We are going to use the shank portion of a 3/32 drill bit as a mandril to wrap the coil on.
Grasp the drill bit with your forceps like this:

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