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What has vaping inspired u to do?

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by , 12-04-2011 at 10:15 PM (832 Views)
[QUOTE=Lethalp;4711965]I am in my kitchen right now making gooey butter cake. Something I have never made before I vaped a sample of it from kick bass vapor. I loved it so much I have ordered the flavor from DIY flavor shack and am now waiting on a juice from vapalicious so I can have my very own lil gbc showdown:) my point being I have been inspired by a juice. So I got to thinking about ALL the things I have gotten into since I started vaping

1) I have started making my own tips which has introduced me to sculpey
2) I am starting to make my own juices which has introduced me to all sorts of flavors and combinations I may have never found otherwise
3) I have bought things to make my own mod, so now I will have to learn to solder and drill ( something I have never done)
4) and I still find it a bit comical that as I type this I have a box mod, a battery charger and my very own multimeter at my side
5) I am a member on a forum that is more addicitng than Facebook ever was for me, and I have friends I have never met who have sent me items in the mail!!
As early as February of this year none of these things existed in my life, and now I don't know what I would do without alot of them.

So....my question is what has vaping inspired U to do that u til u started was not a part of your life??[/QUOTE]


  1. TwistedInFresno's Avatar
    Like you, I'm getting ready to go buy a soldering iron...and... wow sculpey tips? I have a whole pound of basic white scullpey...I wasn't sure it was ok to put in your mouth. I'm interested in how you do it. My newest thing is making a stand for my VTube...
  2. Lethalp's Avatar
    I have been using mine for bout 4 months, no problems so far. I know alot of other ppl who use them as well, with no issues. I don't think on a carto they get hot enough for it to matter. I even use mine to drip with, tho I don't drip through them. Ymmv
  3. MamaBird's Avatar
    It has inspired me to make a signature picture...and i'm sure alot more things in the future! Everything you said is so true!