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Starting Week 2 Tomorrow...

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by , 08-31-2014 at 12:38 PM (203 Views)
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So I started with vaping last Sunday. I had to take a long trip with my granddaughter and not going to smoke in the car with her. To top that off she was with me for a week and I can't smoke around her so, time to vape. I had already been researching this as an alternative to smoking anyway, since it worked for 2 of my children already to help them quit. I did end up using the vape and the cigarettes for the first few days, but I am now at the end of day three with just vaping.

With all that being said, I love it. My husband has joined in my plight as well, and is at the end of his first full day of vaping only.

I have already upgraded to a variable voltage e go battery, and an aspire tank. It seemed like a decent upgrade for now from the starter kit that I bought at the gas station. My hubby has the Evod starter. We're both experimenting with the tobacco flavors for now, and there is a great shop right in town that has some good flavors, my favorite being the black honey tobacco so far. I keep a sweet one in my starter kit just because it's nice now and then.

It's amazing that this is working for me, nothing, and I mean nothing, has gotten me this far before. I've been smoking for 34 years. I think I might take my savings and get a new car

Glad I found this place so I'll be able to check out the opinions and reviews on products and juices, I think I'm more apt to try something new if someone else gives a good review and description of it.

So tomorrow it's back to work from vacation, and hopefully I get through another week