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Signature banners - Part 2

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by , 07-10-2010 at 03:30 PM (5985 Views)
[LIST=1][*][URL=""] Rauchstop Ticker[/URL]:

[/URL][*][URL=""]VaporNine Custom Sig Generator BETA[/URL]:

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  1. Charlotte Raider's Avatar
    Thank you so much for banner
    C Raider
  2. Little Girl's Avatar
    You're welcome! :) I hope I didn't miss any. :blink:
  3. starsong's Avatar
    I'm so tickled to have found this, thanks!
  4. Little Girl's Avatar
    Any time! No idea why some of them aren't showing any more. If you go to their links, they're still there, so I suppose they would work in the sig area. :confused:

    Here's a new one that didn't make it into the blog:

    [URL="http://www................./signature/"]Vapers Alley Smoke-Free Banner[/URL]:


    By the way, I love your cat! :)
  5. starsong's Avatar
    Thanks, I do too
  6. gjns711's Avatar
    I hate to sound so stupid, but how do I post a banner? I have been looking for my signature line on my profile for an hour and feel like a complete idiot!!!
  7. Little Girl's Avatar
    Not to worry - they made it hard to find. ;) When you're logged in, follow the instructions in [URL=""]my first signature banners post[/URL].
  8. civicdream's Avatar
    I cant my the edit signature box.. Im a new forum member and have 17 post. When will it appear?
  9. Little Girl's Avatar
    It should have appeared already since you only need [URL=""]15 posts[/URL] to get a signature. You might want to [URL=""]contact someone at ECF[/URL] to find out what can be done. :thumb:
  10. jfalbanese's Avatar
    anyone know of a banner that will work with my Hotmail email?