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Perfumers Apprentice flavors N - Z review

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by , 07-11-2010 at 09:45 PM (7798 Views)
[LIST][*][B]Peppermint[/B] - I mixed this at 10% with VG and got a delightfully cool, fresh candy cane taste. It's warm on the inhale, but it cools your throat and mouth. It also has a touch of sweetness to it on the exhale, although you can sweeten it up some more with Sweetener if you like. This has a very easy draw, and makes clouds of vapor. A great first thing in the morning flavor![*][B]Pineapple[/B] - I mixed this at 15% and got a mild, fresh, sweet pineapple flavor from it.[*][B]Pizza[/B] - The pizza is INTERESTING! It doesn't taste like pizza. It tastes like the crazy bread you get at the pizza place. You can taste the Italian spices and cheese in it, and it's heavy on garlic, of all things! It's wild, though. It really tastes like crazy bread. I don't taste any tomato in it, although some people said they did, and you can kind of smell tomato in it. You HAVE to taste it. Don't go by how it smells. You also have to mix the pizza flavor really low. I did it at 5%. Anything more than that would have been too much.[*][B]Pumpkin Spice[/B] (sample) - This is a very interesting flavor. I mixed it at 5% with VG. On the inhale, you get a sweetness mingled with a pumpkin flavor, and on the exhale you get a spiciness. There's also an additional flavor I can't quite put my finger on. I'm not sure if it's cream or something else. The more I vape it, the more I like it. It goes [I]very[/I] well with a cup of coffee, which I'm enjoying with it as I type this, and would likely go well with tea. If you like cloves, you'll probably love this. One additional thing I noticed about this flavor is that it has an easy draw. I don't know if that's my imagination or an actual property of the flavor, so I thought I'd mention it here.[*][B]Ripe Banana[/B] - I mixed this at 15% with VG and got a rich, creamy, ripe banana flavor. This is a very authentic taste. It goes well with other flavors (like Graham Cracker or Waffle, for instance), and I'll bet it would be wonderful with some chocolate flavor (which I don't have, so you'll want to try this if you do).[*][B]RY4 Type[/B] - [I](TO BE CONTINUED)[/I] I haven't tried this one yet.[*][B]Spearmint[/B] - This is very powerful. Start by mixing this at 5%, and only up it if that's not strong enough. It could probably do with some sweetening, but is good as is. It not only has a fresh, spearmint flavor (just like Wrigley's Spearmint Gum), but it also seems to cool the throat. The people around me commented on how nice it smells. The minty freshness stays with you after using it, too.[*][B]Sweet Cream[/B] - I had to mix this one at 20% to be able to taste it, and even at that strength it has a very mild, milky, creamy taste with a sweet aftertaste. I wouldn't use this one alone, but it would make a great addition to other flavors that need some creaminess added to them (like perhaps coffee flavor). This creates clouds of vapor.[*][B]Sweetener[/B] - I mixed this at 10% with VG and have added one drop of that mixture to other flavors with great success! This adds a gentle level of sweetness to other flavors, completing them, and also provides multiple points of sweetness on the tongue on the inhale. I could probably quite contentedly vape this as is. It tastes almost like rock candy. [I]Note: This uses sucralose.[/I][*][B]Waffle[/B] - I mixed this at 10% with VG and PG, and that seems to be just right. This has a rich, creamy taste to it with a hint of maple or butterscotch flavor to it (not sure - kind of a cross between the two). It's very satisfying, and makes clouds of vapor. It also mixes well with Graham Cracker or French Vanilla flavors (or both!). This flavor is divine - I can't seem to stop myself from having it.[*][B]Watermelon[/B] - This tastes just like the jolly rancher watermelon candies minus the tartness they had. This is definitely an authentic watermelon taste. It could probably do with some sweetening, but is good as is. I mixed this at 5% and it was plenty strong enough.[*][B]Worcestershire[/B] (sample) - Wow! :shock: First impression, on opening the bottle, is that it smells [I]exactly[/I] like Worcestershire sauce. I even compared it by sniffing it and the Worcestershire sauce I have in the fridge, and if I were blindfolded, I doubt I could tell which is which. Now when it comes to vaping it, on the other hand, it tastes nothing like Worcestershire sauce! It tastes like Italian dressing. :laugh: I initially mixed this at 10% with VG and got knocked practically out of my chair by the powerful throat hit of this flavor. You might want to start at 5% and work your way up gradually. I can imagine this would go well with a roasted chicken flavor. I might try mixing it with Bacon flavor since I have some of that. If I do, I'll write up another review with the results.[/LIST]
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  1. sebastien1234's Avatar
    I have not seen anything about sweetener, what do you use for your TPA mixes? the in-house sucralose? Splendex? Ethyl Maltol? Nothing at all?
  2. Little Girl's Avatar
    I don't have any recipes where I add sweetener to anything. I just sort of mix whatever sounds good with whatever else sounds good. :banana:

    The brown sugar, cotton candy, maple syrup, marshmallow, and sweetener (which is made of sucralose) flavors all work to sweeten other flavors, and you can also get sweetening with other flavors, like fruit, candy, or beverage flavors. :headbang: