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they gave lolady a blog and now look!

What Should I Get My (Insert Elder Here)?

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by , 12-21-2011 at 04:46 AM (1310 Views)
It's one of the most popular - and sweetest - questions I see in the New Members Forum: Which e-cigarette should I get my mom, my dad, great-grand MeeMaw, cantankerous old Uncle Pooter?

Replies are numerous, loving, thoughtful and well-intentioned, but I rarely see my ECF siblingern respond with the correct response.

Hint: the correct response is not invariably "get her an eGo."

[URL="http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/blogs/lolady/1671-tldr-version-get-kr808d-1-canto-i.html"]In a previous blogrant, I've explained the advantages of the KR808d-1 for the aged and infirm [/URL]- but before we even get to brands and threads and alphabet soup, this is one of those times where the best (initial) answer to a question is another question, or in this case, questions.

1) Is the elder

a: active and on the go most of the time?


b: does s/he, for reasons of medical necessity, preferred activities, or Couch Potato Emeritus status, spend more time in one location - a favorite easy chair, at the computer or sewing machine, or reclining on a bed or chaise lounge?

2) Does the elder currently smoke:

a: A full-strength, regular, Old School cigarette (with or without filter) like Gauloise, Marlboro Red, Lucky Strike, cigar, or pipe?


b: Anything that starts with ultra or lite or extra light and/or ends in "100s?"

[B]Why You Need To Ask All That[/B]

Two reasons:

1) One of the largest Upgrade expenses - and most challenging challenges - involves finding the right device. That was true for you, and it'll be true for elders.

2) Older folks tend to be set in our ways. That means first impressions are important.

If the first time we try one of these new-fangled contraptions, the experience sucks, getting us to try it a second time will be harder, if not impossible. We'll simply decide that those things may be fine for the young folks, but don't work for us.

So ask the questions, but even more importantly, [B]LISTEN[/B] to what we say. Think about what [B]our[/B] typical day is like - not yours.

If Auntie Mina, despite having turned 108 last March, still gets up at the coin slot of dawn and spends her day cliff-hopping around with the family herd of goats, returning home only as the first kiss of apricot tints the western skies, get her a wireless she can take with her.

The last thing she'll be interested in is some doodleding that requires her to sit in one place in order to use it.

If, on the other hand, she spends most of her day playing World of Warcraft, knitting ugly holiday sweaters, or watching trashy reality shows, get her an electric hookah-doodle and accompanying wall rodent, and plug her ancient ... into the wall.

Charging batteries will not be her issue, so don't bother her with that now. If she likes her hookah-doodle, then you can talk to her about a wireless or two she can keep charged up and take along on outings.

If she smokes something old school, like unfiltered Luckies, Marlboro Reds, and ilk, or if she prefers cigars, cigarillos, a shisha, or a corncob pipe, whether wireless or hookah-doodle, her first KR808d-1 should be Generation 1.

Reason: Generation 1 KR808d-1 hookah-doodles, or "pass throughs" generate 5 of those electricity globules called "volts." [URL="http://v4l.com/Vapor_King_Diamond_Series_XL_Auto__Battery.html"]It's now also possible to get a wireless (KR808d-1) model that comes close to that[/URL].

In fact, the reason for the popularity of many of the other kinds of e-cigarettes (as well as those "lite" tobacco ones) is that many, many people PREFER a less intense sensation, or "throat hit."

[B]Smokers who smoke Old School smoking materials[/B], however, are not among those many, many people. [B]We need every last one of those 5 volts[/B].

If, however, she smokes one of those kinder gentler low tar things, and you do decide on a KR808d-1, be sure to get her a Generation 2, again, whether wireless or hookah-doodle.

Like many other e-cigarettes, Generation 2 KR808d-1s produce only 3.7 volts. This appears to be the most popular number of volts across the market - which means you've got lots more choices! If you're a big fan of any of the "510" tribes, they are crawling with 3.7 volt offerings.

If she stays in one place more than not AND smokes something Old School, don't worry about the 5 volted Generation 1 hookah doodle making her cough.

At first, any of them are going to make all of us cough, probably for weeks.

Initial coughing phase notwithstanding, if if she's used to getting a hard-core, no nonsense throat hit every couple of seconds, she's not going to be happy with a Generation 2, or any of the other 3.7 havin' ones, so she'll stop using it, and pick up her Marlboros, which despite their various lethal disadvantages, can at least be depended upon to feel like they're supposed to in your throat.

Conversely, if she's used to that lowliteultra crap, and you get her a Generation 1, her coughing phase probably isn't going to pass.

It may not even start, as she is likely to find the Generation 1's sensation too harsh and intense, and she will not wish to keep puffing it.

Now, how the hell, you may well ask, do I have the gall to spout off all this advice when, by my own admission, I've never puffed anything BUT Generation 1 KR808d-1s?

For that very reason! While I'm more grateful than words can say to my dear benefactor and Guru PKZap27 for the gift of my very first e-cigarettes, that wasn't the big gift.

The greatest gift and most precious - and most practical - gift of all was that because he [B]listened[/B] to me, he was able to give me the [B]RIGHT[/B] e-cigarette, and thus saved me from the aggravation and expense of having to try one thing after another!

I don't NEED to run around chasing every new piddletong that comes out, because my Generation 1 KR808d-1s are perfect for me.

Of course, Great Auntie Mina's goats may vary.

She may come to you a few months from now and be all [I][COLOR=#800080][FONT=comic sans ms]"Yo, I thought I liked this little pink thing with the fake diamond on the end OK, but lately I've been thinking I'd really be happier with something that's less like a cigarette and more like - oh, I don't know, maybe a screwdriver - or a super fat Sharpie - or no, wait! - something kind of box shaped, with, like little pipes and stuff sticking out - yeah! Oh and a digital readout that I can't see."[/FONT][/COLOR][/I]

If that happens, I'll be the first to urge you to present her with one of each, but don't hold your breath.

Most of us just want to Upgrade from tobacco cigarettes, and yes, [B]we want it to be cigarette shaped[/B], and no, we will [B]NOT[/B] be growing out of or graduating from that.

And unless and until the goats start staying out way past sunset, and battery life really becomes an issue, we don't mind carrying around a few extra KR808d-1s in a little brocade case. Or you can get us one of those fancy ones that charge up our wirelesses right there, just sitting out on the table. (Provided we remember to charge up the little case).

[B][I][FONT=book antiqua][SIZE=4]But there is no gift you can give us, that will mean more to us than listening to us as we ramble endlessly on[/SIZE][/FONT][/I][/B]. (And this is true whether it's got jacksquat to do with e-cigarettes or not).


  1. 36tinybells's Avatar
    I just wanted to let you know, you are the be-ribboned, wrapped in shiny red paper and festooned with a big beautiful green bow, knock my socks off, lovely and wise woman who can never be denied, ultimate good to read writer!
    Thank you, I have enjoyed your posts from day one- keep it up, don't leave a girl hanging! I always want to know where you are at and what you are thinking!
  2. Uncle's Avatar
    OH MY - Once again you have taken the words right out from my mouth . . .

    WOW ! ! ! It is so nice to have you back and writing your words of wisdom . . . If I only had these words when I originally started trying to find the right "eCig" for "ME" . . .

    As you know - it was so hard to try and explain the physiological and emotional effects of trying to maintain some resemblance to the actions of using something similar to "analogs" - and not only to keep my hands occupied (Hey there a lot of things that I already had from birth I could have kept in my hands ), but to try and explain this to people already set in their own perspectives of what was the "right" choice for a beginner was hellish to say the least . . .

    AND - even with the Kindness of so many people here in ECF already - I'm still trying to find that ONE WOW "True" Menthol . . . However, after almost 6 months, I'm coming pretty close now to getting that ONE . . . Got a great vendor who is trying his damnedest to help me out even made me samples to try and is willing to send me more if these don't work for me - Right " Joejokin' " . . . (SO far - although it is not the "True" Menthol I am looking for - really like the "Red Cin w/ Menthol" and still trying the others out) . . .

    SO - THANK YOU ! ! ! For another WONDERFUL Entry of Information and PROSE ! ! !
  3. Vapoor eyes er's Avatar
    WOWSER this has got to be one of the most accurate, detailed and honest advive posts I've ever read. Thank you so very much lolady. I have just been asked by my Dr. to visit and advise a client of his with severe health issues due to smoking. The timing was perfect and again thank you very much, Vapoor.
    P.S. This should be STICKIED IMHO. Have a wonderful and Merry Christmas.
  4. Del Boy's Avatar
    I agree totally with the thrust of this blog (brilliant). I hope the right people get directed this way.

    My heart thumps hard and my hopes are raised sky high that older people have someone trying to find a way to help free them from the chains of addiction. Bless them that care.
  5. Berylanna's Avatar
    A point of information: voltage alone does not control the vape, it is watts, according to some things I've read and my own experimentation. (volts X volts)/ohms = watts, and
    some folks say you want 6-8, others say 7-9.

    So I'm finding that a battery that does NOT vary in voltage, combined with the right resistance in a cartomizer, is the best way to settle into the right wattage. So it can be high volts + high ohms, or low volts + low ohms. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with Smokeless Image + Bloog 2-ohm cartomizers.

    (Apparently some batteries have an extra circuit to keep the voltage level throughout the just-charged to almost-time-to-charge-again cycle, and that includes Volts and X2's)