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they gave lolady a blog and now look!

Coming Back From A Setback - A Garbled but Sincere Statement of Intent

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by , 12-31-2012 at 12:45 AM (745 Views)
My dilapidated old computer and my matching self have had a few setbacks. Thus I am over the moon that it has decided not only to favor me by sputtering to life, but permit me the long-denied luxury of cyber-squeezing every one of my dear adoptees till you squeak!

You all live every minute in my thoughts and prayers, your good wishes sustaining my spirit even through those moments most illustrative of the concept of "opportunity for improvement."

My upgrade process, though knocked flat, equally flatly refuses to stay down. It has defiantly started from scratch, and will, like me, receive an immeasurable boost from this blessed chance to touch its touchstone.

As the infrequent "function windows" of reduced circumstances permit, I shall cling to the hope of completing my Coming Back From A Setback blog as tightly as I clasp each one of you - and all your bouncy stuffed animal pillows - in my heart!

I had attempted, in another rare confluence of function of both computer and self, to send my love through His Illustriousness (Lord Roly of Gate)*, but am doubtful that the computer succeeded in completing the process, as I was unable to persuade it to load the site, and resorted to a hasty attempt to email him before it returned to its now-customary perma-pout. The email I use ([B][/B]) is evidently rustic enough of design to suit its dyspeptic old innards.

*(That I wrote to an address I have since realized most likely belongs to someone from whom I considered purchasing $5 worth of volcanic ash beads in 2008 may also have been a contributory factor).
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  1. TheTimeHasCome's Avatar
    First time back to ECF in awhile for me LOL and delighted to see your blog post. Always read your thread as you were in a similar position to myself trying to figure out all the jargon and options . . . and I always refer to the caps as Barbie Hats due your hilarious reference. :D

    I fell down with vaping. It's not that I don't like it as I do. I just never seem to get enuf smoke/vapor but being old and confused much as you, :unsure: I didn't know how to 'fix it' so moved back to reg cigs.

    Now we are going to vacation in Hawaii which has smoking laws which are worse than California or BC (where I live). However odd it may seem to others, one of my pleasures on a vacation is sitting on the lanai/patio/veranda or whatever with my AM cup of java and having a couple of smokes. No can do in Hawaii. Seems that entirely ruin anothers vacation and their vacation it appears is much more important than mine. :huh: Thus I'm reinstituing my vaping thing but needing a refresher course in what to do and how to do it. :unsure:

    I hope you are well or at least better than you were back in 2010 or so when you started your thread which everyone loved so much, self included.

    Wishing you all the best as we move forward in 2013. Hugs Holly