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Using a Bridgeless Atty

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by , 03-08-2014 at 09:03 PM (195 Views)
[QUOTE=shatner;12466105][QUOTE=firephly;12462781]I had that problem too! Then I found out about these but haven't tried one yet [URL=""]Empire Drip Shields[/URL]
"Drip Shields" I guess that's supposed to solve the problem[/QUOTE]

Blow out the primer that some atties ship with. Re-prime with 5-6 drops of your juice, let soak for ~15 seconds. Puff carefully in case the wick didn't soak. If it tastes ok, vape until you start loosing flavor. Re drip 3 drops, vape, rinse, repeat.

There's a slight learning curve. When you get it there's nothing better, though.[/QUOTE]