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Making a Coil

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by , 03-10-2014 at 03:35 AM (181 Views)
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Who got up this morning and re-built coils for Protank Mini/Evod? This girl!! I know there's a couple girls here who are wanting to learn. Below is a link to the method I used. I wrote the steps down in my notebook for reference as I watched the video. As a note, I didn't have 3mm silica, just 2mm, but that works fine. I used the 32 guage wire and on the two coils I made I got 1.5 ohms and 1.6 on the other, using 4 wraps on top. I did not put in a flavor wick, and so far no problems at all I think that using the long straight pin is brilliant. Really cuts down on the fumbling.

Hope this helps!