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Kanger Protank Aero Airflow Base

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by , 02-01-2014 at 02:24 PM (1081 Views)
I've just concluded a week-long study of several of the following…

KangerTech AeroTank Base

which I've passed along the suite of PT1, 1.5 + 2 I use personally and for wick/coil testing.

Although I was exceptionally skeptical that something that could constrain the already miserly and minuscule air feeds of the KPT's might enhance them, I am utterly flabbergasted that it does.

Perhaps it is some kind of venturi effect of air being forced from a ported chamber into smaller orifices but whatever the underlying physics and engineering, it absolutely works. In fact the optimal airflows are achieved by limiting the airflow from full open to one that more adequately approximates the flow of juice being supplied by the wick. This of course varies depending on temperature of juice, coil, resistance, power, differential internal tank pressure (frequency of draw), etc. And therein lies the beauty of this simple and elegant solution.

Why Kanger didn't do this long ago to address their long-standing flooding issues I don't know. The Protank's never were too airy as so many of the reviewers have insisted. Well, yeah, compared to sucking on a carto tank (unless you have a Provari at 4V+). But let's face it not everybody has that kind of wallet travel.

I strongly urge you to consider this accessory and don't use a Protank without one!

Good luck.

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  1. TFL!'s Avatar
    You got that right
  2. MacTechVpr's Avatar
    I have sampled the v2 (large single hole) which are still available in some places. Almost the same as drilling out the 3-hole original to the max. 1/16". However, it is far and away smoother. It seems the interior shape of the base has been improved for flow. The important thing here is that it performs well with some condensation in the well. The v1 staggered as soon as wet. Think wet car battery folks. Haven't encountered v3 at any S FL store location and I just recently started to see the v3 available. It's on the target list for this week.

    Good luck and thanks for your interest!