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Speed Steeping - Ultrasonic vs Crock Pot Test

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by , 05-05-2014 at 02:34 PM (1067 Views)
I was curious if the steeping effect seen with an Ultrasonic Cleaner is just from heat (ie potentially from the cavitation heat), or if the Ultrasonic vibration contributes as well.

So I did a controlled test.

Test Parameters:

  • Mixed one 100ml batch of a Strawberry recipe.
  • Filled two identical blue glass Boston Round Bottles to the same exact level, right where the threaded neck starts.
  • Boston Rounds were approx 1oz. Put remainder of juice in a clear bottle as a control sample.
  • Placed one bottle in a Crock Pot controlled to 135 F.
  • Placed one bottle in the Ultrasonic controlled to 57C.
  • Allow both batches to run for 3 hours, maintaining identical water levels in both vessels.
  • Pour samples into a clear glass bottles for visual comparison
  • Compare results against one another and Control Sample.

Here is the Crock Pot apparatus:

Here is the Ultrasonic apparatus:

Here is the recipe I used.

Strawberry Steep Test (36mg 100ml 50-50)

Nic1 RTS 10% in PG
Mix Strength (mg/ml) 36mgl
Mix PG-VG Ratio (%) 50-50
Mix Volume 100ml
Nic1 RTS 36 ml
PG Essential Depot PG 4 ml
VG Essential Depot VG 40 ml
F1 TFA Strawberry Ripe 8% 8 ml
F2 VZ Strawberry 5% 5 ml
Saline 7% 7 ml

And the results are:
The two methods are VERY damn close. The Ultrasonic appears to be just a teeny bit darker, but not by much. I vaped 2ml of each and there was no discernible difference between the two samples.

So..... I conclude that the speed steeping effect of the ultrasonic may have been nothing more than exposure to the heat generated by the cavitation. A hot water bath in a Crock Pot gave very similar results. Note that some folks think tobacco flavors still benefit from the cavitation beyond just the heat, and I only tested with a Strawberry that I know deepens in color with age. In other words YMMV.

Do be aware that crock pots have mechanical thermostats in them which tend to have a huge hysteresis effect. My Sous-vide controller took that variable out of this trial though.

After 48 hours the Control Sample started catching up, although all 3 samples deepened slightly in color.
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    Very interesting.