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VG vs. USP glycerin HELP!

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by , 03-26-2014 at 11:14 PM (169 Views)
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This would be a question to the pharmacist, I have Humco PG, which I love!

The question/ problem i have is trying to figure out whether the PG is being absorbed through the lungs, or settling there..

If it's the latter, it could prove pretty harmful.

Note: I am not trying to raise caution, or scare anyone! I Love my PG, just a general question concerning the absorption of it into the body!

Again, there have been no proven side effects of digested or inhaled PG, just curious is all...
Great Question!!! And I've actually answered this in another thread somewhere. The PG and the VG do NOT just stick there in the alveolar space of the lung and gunk up your lungs. The PG is absorbed into your alveolar capillaries(then into your systemic circulation) and eventually is degraded by your body into pyruvic acid which enters your normal glucose metabolism pathway and is eventually just excreted as either lactic acid or water and carbon dioxide. Glycerine(Glycerol) is even more benign. The Glycerine is again absorbed into your alveolar capillaries and enters your systemic circulation. Glycerine(glycerol) is actually the backbone of ALL fatty acids(you can't get more organic and benign then that) so it actually enters your bodies fat burning pathway(called Beta-Oxidation) and is ultimately converted into CO2 and H2O(or carbon dioxide and water) and again, excreted thru your lungs or kidneys.