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Cleaning Evod/Protank Coils

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by , 02-19-2014 at 07:49 PM (533 Views)
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How is this best performed? I have about a half dozen Kanger EVOD tanks and rotate through them so the coils should last a while. Would like to refresh them between juice changes.
Some people wash them in water, soak them in everclear or vodka and rewash them with water.

I've been doing my way for about 9 months and it works for me:

I have about 15 coils and 9 evods in rotation. I wash them when I've used about 5 or more.
I rinse/shake-out/rinse/shake-out (about 5-8x) the tanks and bases thoroughly in warm/hot water, shake and blow them out and set them in a butterdish overnight.
I rinse the coils in hot water, blow through, rinse again and throw them all in a small waterglass.
I direct the faucet at it with the hottest it gets to turbulate and wash them.
Let them soak about 15-30 minutes.
I redo this hotttt step about 3-4x when I notice the water has cooled.
Then I blow out the coils and let them dry overnight.

I dry-burn them about once a week. (google dry + burn + Kanger for some youtube vids)
Some juices are extra gunky (usually darker ones) and I replace the coil at a half tank.
Some juices are extra clean and I can get 3 or more refills before I want a different flavor.

My coils last for months and I'm still using some 9 month old tanks. YMMV

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  1. cheryl713's Avatar
    I rinse mine in hot water then soak them in rubbing alcohol for about a day, then let them dry on a paper towel for about a day. I wish I had seen this forum when I first started, because I dont know how many I threw away after they quit working, or had used with a flavor I didnt like!
  2. Mowgli's Avatar
    I just found this blog entry -

    I'll try what he demonstrates in the first video with some protank coils then inspect the coils after using/cleaning/using/cleaning them for a week using 91% without washing them in water.