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My DIY Costs

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by , 02-20-2014 at 03:59 AM (713 Views)
I mix 16ml or 32ml at a time and only single flavors.

When I first started DIY I made 60ml or 120ml of all my favorites.
It took a long time to vape those big bottles down.
DIY is exciting but be smart. You can always make more later

************************************************** **************************

32 ml of 18mg 70/30 @ 12.5% flavoring costs me:

$1.12 with Flavor West flavoring
$1.49 with Mt Baker Vapor flavoring
$1.79 with Hawk Sauce, Moo Juice, Caramel Apple or Banana Cream Pie (MBV Signature Flavors)

$1.76 for Hangsen RY1 (from RTS Vapes) @ 2.8% flavoring

32ml of 0 nic FW costs me 22-27 cents!

250ml of HS costs me $13.97
250ml of RY1 costs me $13.78

FW juice costs me 3.51 cents per ml
MBV costs me 4.65 cents per ml
Hangsen RY1 costs me 5.51 cents per ml @ 2.8%
MBV Signature flavors cost me 5.59 cents per ml

That includes shipping when applicable.

I averaged the price of my FW flavors in my calculations - 15% off coupon (cyber)

I use eJuice Me Up - Best eJuice Calculator it's free and it's awesome

************************************************** **************************

1 Gallon of USP PG from Tractor Supply - $20

1 Quart of VG from Essential Depot - $14 w/free shipping

I've been getting 100mg RTS nic on sale or WL - I add enough glass bottles to get to the free shipping level

OOPS - RTS requires IE10 now. I have years of nic in cold storage so I don't care.

If I need more I'll get it from Nude Nicotine or Wizard Labs

I bought most of my glass bottles from Wizard Labs & RTS Vapes when buying nic.
I bought them from Specialty Bottle - Glass Bottles the first time though.
SB is only cheaper if you buy enough to average the exorbitant shipping cost down.

I get my plastic bottles for outgoing juice from Newfrog (the 50ml size is actually 64ml)
Squeezable Liquid Dropper Bottles Free Shipping at

dirtcheap Luer Lock Monoject Syringes from Drs. Foster & Smith - Syringe Only
CA, CT, DE, IL, MN, NJ, NH, and NY residents need a veterinarian's prescription though

Not only are polypropylene graduated cylinders cheaper but they're hydrophobic so they repel our sticky liquids better than glass.
I use 25ml, 50ml & 100ml plastic graduated cylinders when making larger amounts (>64ml)
EISCO Polypropylene Graduated Cylinder, Hexagonal Base, 25ml - Model CH0354B: Industrial & Scientific
Polypropylene Graduated Cylinder, Hexagonal Base, 50ml: Industrial & Scientific
EISCO Polypropylene Graduated Cylinder, Hexagonal Base, 100ml - Model CH0354D: Industrial & Scientific

$30 Harbor Freight UC - I run it for 30-45 minutes with the on button held down for 5-8 cycles
It's tolerated that kind of abuse since last May so yeah, I got my money's worth.

I'm thrifty. No problem. I vape for a month on less $$ than I smoked in 1 day.
A full month of tasty vape for the cost of 1 day of smoking. 1 day.

************************************************** **************************
A few links about nicotine storage:

Bottle help with freezing nic juice

Freezing 100mg nicotine base

DOOMSDAY Prepping For the Possible FDA Restriction

Storing Nicotine

saving some great blog links here for future reference

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Kurt doesn't have any blogs so I'm storing his "posts" page link here.
"Just the facts, ma'am."

The ECF Library
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  1. Mowgli's Avatar
    Quoting some great news NICnurse sent me via PM:

    Quote Originally Posted by NICnurse

    Man, I had not performed any tests, but your message inspired me to check my nic stash. So, I ran some tests just for you this afternoon and here is what I have:

    All my batches are mixed at ~50mg/ml with PG

    December 2011 nicotine: test today was nicotine content 49.01mg/ml. Slight (like super diluted urine, so not much) yellow tinge (unchanged since last check). Nic has been in freezer the entire time, but I do open it to put into smaller bottles for use. It has been opened maybe 4-5 times during storage. Odor unchanged.

    June 2012 nicotine: test today was 49.86mg/ml. Faintest hint of yellow if I look really closely next to a white piece of paper. NIc has been unopened in the freezer for the duration. Odor unchanged.

    December 2012 nicotine: test today was 49.98mg/ml. No yellow at all to maybe a super faint slight hint. Also has remained unopened since put into freezer. Odor unchanged.

    May 2013 nicotine:test today was 49.86mg/ml. No yellow at all. Unopened since put in freezer. Odor unchanged.

    August 2013 nicotine: test today was 49.93 mg/ml. This one does have a slight tan tone, but it did when I received it as well. My Freedom Smokes said they no longer "bleach" their nic liquid so the tan was normal. Odor unchanged.

    All of these samples are from My Freedom Smokes. It has stored in the freezer super well, huh! I have 9 750mL bottles in the freezer, and contemplating purchasing another liter of nic. I *think* I have enough for nearly 10 years right now, but you can never be too prepared, right?!

    If you ever want me to do a test, just holler. I would be happy to do one! Also send me the link to your blog. I would love to read it!

  2. Mowgli's Avatar
    I won't need PG or VG for quite some time
  3. Mowgli's Avatar
    I have four amber glass 8oz Boston round bottles with polycone caps on the way via UPS.
    This is the cheapest place for bottles/caps I've found by far.
    They pick an occasional customer to give free shipping to

    I'm getting my four 8oz bottles/caps for $2.76 total with free shipping.
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  4. Mowgli's Avatar
    Between nic prices plummeting, the Summer sales and dropping to 12mg I have my DIY cost down to under 3/ml yay
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