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Storage Ideas

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by , 02-22-2014 at 12:26 AM (769 Views)
2 stacked Wally World 3 drawer units ($22 total) to hold bottles, PG/VG, flavors & assorted gear

Used nic & vitamin bottles and chip-dip jars make good organizers for caps, tips & miscellaneous

Those are all vapemail receipts

Repurposed 1950's potentiometer boxes to separate bunches of small flavor bottles

USPS Priority boxes are rugged, free and make excellent storage boxes.

$10 Vaultz diabetes case from Wally World to store my batteries & Clearos.
Large ego case with my favorites. I just throw in a couple of Evods and an 18650 for on the go.

A Priority box for my steeping juices. I throw a towel or calendar over it to keep out sunlight.

Repurposed ash trays for coils, little lathe-made bowls & pencil cup for miscellaneous...

Yeah, the dining room table is all mine.
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  1. Mowgli's Avatar
    I <3 Priority boxes. 2 liters of 100mg in the freezer

  2. Mowgli's Avatar
    Sneaker boxes with a cover work great to keep juice out of direct sunlight.

  3. Mowgli's Avatar
    $43 at the censored name sporting goods store cleared the dining table