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Review: Squape clone by Winsmoke

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by , 06-01-2014 at 11:17 PM (962 Views)
Review: Squape clone by Winsmoke

The Squape clone featured in this review is made by Winsmoke, and was purchased from (sku 13165) as part of a Group Buy promotion for $14.90, with the regular sale price being $22.74. The original Squape rebuildable atomizer is made by the Switzerland based StattQualm, and retails for $150.00 USD.

Squape specs

Product Type: Rebuildable Atomizer
Brand: Winsmoke
Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel body, anodized aluminum chimney & deck, Glass tank
Connection: 510
Liquid capacity: 5.2mL
Diamter: 22.8mm
Weight: 96 grams
Parts: two extra thumb screws, 3 o rings, 1 allen wrench, silica wick

The Squape is a bottom coil rebuildable atomizer which is similar in function to the Kayfun RBA, yet very different in several ways. Unlike the Kayfun which receives its air from the body of the device, the Squape receives its air through two air holes on either side of the 510 connection, along with corresponding air flow channels on the bottom of the device that extend from the outer diameter of the base, up to the air holes found on the 510 connection.


The Sqaupe clone by Winsmoke is very well made with a thick stainless steel body, inner glass tank, silver anodized aluminum chimney bell, olive green anodized and non conductive build deck, and drip tip. The threads on the base of the device are well machined, although there is a slight bit of resistance when screwing the main body on, and off the base. I believe that the “resistance” is intentional, so as to prevent accidentally unscrewing the main body from the base when removing the Squape from a PV/APV. There is no grinding, or squeaking within the threads.

The catch screws on the base can be tightened/untightened by hand, or with a flat head screw driver. The wick channels are wide, and deep across the base of the device. The most delicate aspect of this appears to be the anodized aluminum chimney bell, which is thin, and light in terms of weight.

There are some build details, and aesthetic differences between the Squape clone by Winsmoke, and the original Squape made by StattQualm. The original Squape has a PMMA tank section, while the Winsmoke clone features a glass tank. The aesthetic design proportions of the main stainless steel body also vary between the original, and clone.

The chamfered top on the clone is shorter, and flatter across the top, and the textured window section is also longer than the original. In my personal opinion, due to the these slight aesthetic differences, the clone is more attractive than the original Squape by StattQualm.

Building the Squape is as easy as rebuilding a Kayfun. The thumb screws are very easy to work with by hand, or a flat head screwdriver. In the photo demonstration below, I have built the coils using 30 gauge Kanthal, with a 5/6 wrap on a rounded toothpick, which metered out to 1.3 ohms.


The most critical aspect of rebuilding the Squape, and having it perform properly, is wicking. The wick channels are very wide and deep, and require a fair amount of wicking material in order to prevent gurgling, and flooding. Using cotton as pictured in the photos below, I used enough cotton wick to not only fill the top wick channels of the device, but I also kept the cotton wicks long enough to extend half way down into the side juice channels, which contrary to early build directives for the Squape, is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY in order to prevent gurgling and flooding.

Laying the cotton wick across the top wick channels only is not sufficient to prevent the Squape from flooding. I typically do not use e liquids with a VG ratio lower than 50%, and with e liquids containing a VG ratio as high as 70%, I found that the Squape did gurgle if I did not extend my wicks at least half way into the side juice channels of the deck.

In wicking the Squape in the manner described above, I have not experienced a single dry hit.

Filling the Squape is easy. Using the included allen wrench, install the chimney bell into the main body of the device. You can use either a needle nose bottle, or a syringe to fill the Squape by inserting the bottle tip, or needle between the chimney bell, and main body. The Squape has a 5ml e liquid capacity, and it will take a little practice to gauge when the Squape is full, since seeing into the space between the chimney, and body is not the easiest.


If you are a fan of either the Kayfun, or the Taifun GT, I see no reason why one would not enjoy the Squape as well. The Squape seems to combine the best aspects of both the Kayfun and Taifun GT, with its bottom coil/chimney design, and the ability to work on your build without having to dump your e liquid first. The Squape clone by Winsmoke also has the one thing that neither the Kayfun, or Taifun GT offer, and that is a glass tank.

In my opinion, the Squape offers a denser, fuller vape than the Kayfun, but I would say that the flavor production is about equal to the Kayfun. Any issues with internal shorts that were found in the earlier batches of the Squape clone appear to have been resolved within these recent batches of the Squape clone. I definitely give the Squape clone by Winsmoke two thumbs up.