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First Blog Post, Sorry It's A Downer

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by , 02-08-2014 at 08:45 AM (576 Views)
Sadly I've had to personally re-evaluate my provider for e-liquid recently.

Been buying from Virgin Vapor since July 2011 and pretty much using them exclusively since November 2011.

Oh I've tried one (1) other vendor since then, but VV filled my needs and despite the higher price I stuck with them because I trusted the vendor.

Not so much after the last order.

See, after a couple of years vaping (April 2011) I've started to wonder if I wouldn't do better going flavorless and decided to test a bottle from Virgin Vapor.

Now, we vapers aren't silly twits, we can figure out that vapor vendors don't offer to customize the nicotine levels because the flavorless liquid is pre-mixed to facilitate business. That's fair and I can completely agree that it makes the service faster for me.

So why when I order a bottle of flavorless liquid is my order put into the "custom queue" aka "custom order so it take longer bump to the back of the line"?

I placed the order on Saturday. I did not expect it to ship Monday - or Tuesday.

I felt that Wednesday would be acceptable, however when I checked on THURSDAY there was no shipping notice in my email box AND there was no change in the order status at the website.


So I emailed customer service asking that if they were holding it for steeping (historical customers KNOW that VV was doing this at one time) then they could just ship it out and please note on my account that holding it wasn't necessary.

Got an email back stating that, wait let me get the exact line from the email,
"Thanks for contacting Virgin Vapor! We never hold orders for steeping."

Oookay, so I was adding notes for over a year that I didn't need them to hold it for steeping since I KNEW that I had to steep the bottles? uh-huh - right.

"... see that your order is a custom order, so it adds a couple of days to our normal processing time of 3-5 business days, excluding holidays. Your order has been in the system for 4 days now, so it shouldn't be much longer. "

Again FLAVORLESS, PRE-MIXED BASE VG LIQUID. Dump it in the bottle, label it and ship it. Shouldn't be hard to figure out.

But I think something odd is going on at VV and they're putting ANYTHING custom at the end of the line.

I do want to note that I've had custom orders before. Usually asking for extra flavoring and one order asked for extra of one type of flavoring in two different products eg., more peanut butter don't double the banana.

These orders came in a timely fashion.

They may be expanding, they may have untrained staff. BUT putting something like a FLAVORLESS PRE-MIXED base liquid at the back of the line is just ridiculous.

I'll be going back to a few of my initial vendors to see how they ship and how their current product line is.

It pains me to say this, but if other vendors measure up and are less expensive, I probably will be making a permanent switch.

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  1. Outre's Avatar
    Looked for how to edit to add, couldn't find it so I'll add it here.

    Emailed CS on Thursday as stated, got the silly response, emailed back Friday early am stating that I couldn't understand the overlong delay, FINALLY the order shipped - won't get it until Monday.

    What is that? Nine or ten days after ordering? And 6 business days after? When other vendors are getting these out in 1-2 days? And, that wasn't even what I expected. Sending it out late on the 3rd day or early on the 4th day would have sufficed and I would have gotten the order by Friday/Saturday.

    If I wouldn't have emailed and complained I bet it would not have shipped yet.

    Something odd going on over there. It needs fixing, but I'm not going to spend my time and dimes on it I think.

    Found the Blog edit icon, but leaving this so the original isn't over long.