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KFL/R91 Cotton Rewick

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by , 01-07-2014 at 09:11 PM (535 Views)
Sorry about the crappy picture quality, it's all I had. Should be enough to get the idea.

First I pulled the old wick out (bent the end coil a tad, but no big deal) & fired it multiple times to carbonize the gunk. I gently scraped the ashes off with the tip of a small pocket knife & repeated - fire, scrape - until the coil was clean enough.

Next I pulled off some new cotton off a cotton ball. Note that the cotton is flat at this point & very, very thin. It's a tiny amount of cotton... and only about half (maybe even less) will end up as the wick. But you want the extra to make it easier to work with. The coil shown is 1/16" ID.

Next I tightly twist one end of the cotton,

and while holding the twist I gently work the rest into shape. Don't twist any of the rest of the cotton, just gently compress it & pull it even into a cylinder.

Using the tightly twisted end as a needle, pull it about 2/3's of the way through the coil (or imagine the twisted part isn't there & roughly center the rest)

Pinch the cotton just to the left of the coil & pull off the twist & a little extra (so the coil is NOT between your fingers). Do the same on the right side. You want just enough to reach down to the channels. I used a little extra in this photo, not too big of a deal. Fluff up both ends.

Pinch the cotton upwards at the ends of the coil & put the cylinder back on.

Carefully separate the two ends (the loose fibers like to grab on to each other when you put on the cylinder) & loosely tuck the ends of the wick down in front of the juice channels.

I add 1 drop of juice to each well, 1 drop to the wick where it exits the coil on each side & 1 drop on the coil itself, for a total of 5 drops. The wick is now primed.

Replace the chimney. Look into the tank body & check that the top o-ring is in place. Screw on the tank body & fill it up.