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My Vape Story

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by , 05-05-2014 at 05:17 PM (360 Views)
When I first vaped in 2010, I wanted something that replaced cigs. Getting up in the morning, even with heavy tobacco flavored 36mg juice, nothing did the same as half a pack of smokes before I left for work. I vaped during the day and smoked a little bit. Got tired of the fuss and leaks and decided to cold turkey. Lasted 6 months. Wife was vaping and smoking and I caved in when life took a turn. Right back to 2PAD in no time. Wife gave up vaping some time later.

This time I realized that there is nothing that is the same as smoking a cig. Vaping is alternative nicotine replacement therapy. It gives your hands and mouth something to do. I inhale and exhale the vapor just like I did cig smoke. A month of a couple of cigs a day and finally quit the sticks. I vape all I want and don't feel any guilt. I found some tobacco flavors that got me through the beginning and as my taste changed, I changed flavors. The plan is to lower the nicotine level over time and maybe quit vaping. No rush. I still need to beat the 6 months record.

Patches blistered my skin. Gum I chewed and got too much. Didn't try mints. Tried snus but that is tobacco and who knows what else. Chantix has its own list of concerns. A doctor told me cold turkey was the best way and it was. I've done that several times, lasting from a couple of weeks to six months.

The big thing for me this time besides the attitude was the difference in equipment. It is so much better and easier now. 4 years from now it might be more amazing. Even cheap ego starter kits are better than the blue foam cigalikes we used to use.

I have worked on my own cars and built my own computers so tinkering and learning new things is a hobby for me. E junk fits right in. I am DIY juice, recoiling atomizers, getting into RDA and RBA, plan to make some wooden stands from scraps. I'd like to make a box mod some day too.

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  1. herb's Avatar
    Thank you Paul , that is very helpful
  2. PaulBHC's Avatar
    Just passed 8 months vaping and 7 months tobacco free. Gone from 24mg to 18mg now mostly 12mg. I have found that unflavored liquid can be as enjoyable as flavored. Also mixing around 75% vg. I have extracted flavoring from cigarette and pipe tobacco and enjoy that as well.