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Day 8, First Blog

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by , 04-22-2011 at 10:49 PM (388 Views)
I've smoked 1PPD for 35 years, Marb Reds. I quit 12 days ago, starting with 'the gum'. I started googling to find hints and tips on how to best stay off the cigs and found E-Cigs. I put down the gum and started vaping a Bloog MaxxFusion 8 days ago and it's been fairly smooth sailing. No analogs!
Today is the first day of minor frustrations. I still haven't found anything I can vape on a regular basis and feel preoccupied with changing carts, flavors, refilling carts (with difficulty d/t thick juice). I had hoped my delivery would come today with my Menthol purchases. I whipped right thru the 5 menthols that came with my starter kit...I think I am going to be a steady menthol with everything vaper, much to my surprise. Only 24 hours until the mailman comes next.... and things should get easier with a steady supply of Menthol... I hope. It's the most satisfying vape I have had so far.
Glad to be on the road out of a long smoking career!!

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  1. JWebb's Avatar
    Pipster, I went through the same as you, started with a standard 510, then hte eGo, then the Provari and started dripping to eliminate the carts and cartomizers, and got the Provari, excellent! Then I went to the Ali'i from RNRmanufacturing..juice fed mod and now that is great, no carts, cartos, dripping! The Reo and Darwin do the same