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Ah, I Contradict Myself

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by , 08-19-2014 at 10:44 PM (473 Views)
I'm all saying how I probably won't get a big mod like a Provari or something...
and now here I am looking at the iTaste MVP and Vamo.

I decided that I want to try rebuilding coils. It doesn't seem too difficult, but there is obviously a risk... and I need something to check the ohms (and for shorts).

So, apparently I can do this with a battery that has an ohm reader and short protection. That leaves a decent amount of options. So, basically, right now... I'm searching for the best bang for my buck.
It seems like ITaste MVPs and Provaris are the most popular (or at least these are the batteries I notice people using or mentioning the most... however, Provaris are pretty gosh-dern expensive, about twice the price of a iTaste (if I order it from Ebay, that is - otherwise Provaris are over $100, but I saw one on Ebay for about $70).

I think I'm going to go with the ITaste, but the question now is do I go for the MVP, which is gigantic, and can get for about $38 with a Iclear tank (could always use more tanks ^_~), or go for the V3, which is Ego sized but $10 less.
I'm kinda siding with the MVP because that's what I see the most often, and because in videos with people testing their coils who aren't using a Mod that requires buying batteries for (like the Vamo or Provari)... the MVP is is the one they're using...... also, cus... well, I've seen videos where people have used their MVP to charge another device... which, I doubt I'd do, but that's just kinda cool (also, I'm sure the battery life on that thing is incredible). (I might also be siding this direction because I found a skin for it that looks like an NES controller *snickers*... just saying...)

But... I dunno. I'm going to give myself the rest of the month to decide, and by about the end of this month or the 1st of next month, I'll purchase whatever it is I decide on, along with wire and wicks (still not completely sure what I'm going to use for wicks, but people said cotton and silica is easier to work with - so that'll probably be what I buy - and likely using the instruction from a youtube video I found and liked the way they were building the coil).

It's just kinda like.... I need to stop saying I'll [probably] never buy a certain hardware... because I will likely contradict myself later on when I find a good reason to do so.


  1. SEEKNDESTROY's Avatar
    Batteries in the MVP are not replaceable, they are build in...you're stuck with a useless box once the battery is dead. It's cheaper to buy 18650 batteries than an entire mod. Something to keep in mind.

    I started with an ego battery, then went with a Vamo v5 and now I'm using a mechanical mod with a Kayfun Lite Plus.