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Cleaning an Ego-T atty?

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by , 02-06-2011 at 06:31 PM (1478 Views)
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I was reluctant to try cuzzcon's method; I really didn't like the idea of using a chemical (IPA) in something that i would inhale in my lungs--he does put a disclaimer in the video.

I did try his method and let the atty dry for 48hrs, but still got that chemical taste even after quite a few draws. So I stopped and re-cleaned the atty along with a couple other atties by using distilled water. I brought the distilled water up to boil, turned off burner, and used a turkey baster to flush all the atties out; and then soaked them in the heated distilled water for 15 minutes and blew out. I let them dry for 24 hours and loaded them up with ejuice and vaped away.

This method worked very well for me and it will be my choice of cleaning eGo-T atties and atties in general from here on out.

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  1. Olde One's Avatar
    Hello. Just soak it in rubbing alcohol for an hour or so. Rinse in warm water. Blow it out. Let it sit upright with the battery connection at the top. :)

    I just got mine in the mail, yesterday, and I had no problems getting the primer out with this method.
  2. Rachus's Avatar
    Thanks Olde One - I love IPA for cleaning most things, using the purest I can find, but think I'll use Everclear 90. I think letting it set upright as you say...for 24 hrs or longer is key.
  3. Olde One's Avatar
    I didn't need to let this one dry out for that long, actually. Hm. I think I had it sitting for a couple hours. Yeah, I was antsy to try out my new vape. The spare atomizer was allowed to dry for over a day. Well, more than that. I haven't used it, yet. I haven't had a reason to bust it out.

    Day two of the Ego-T, and it's still great. It's even working well with my crazy-thick, pure VG juices.
  4. Rachus's Avatar
    So turns out I was afraid of the dry burn.

    I just:

    • microwave boiled 1/2 a cup of drinking water (Kroger's "Purified water"...yeah, probably has some minerals in it, but didn't have any vodka nor distilled water)
    • added 1/2 cup of room temperature distilled white vinegar to cool it a bit
    • bathed and blew out, bathed and blew out, repeatedly about 5 times
    • nuked some more drinking water and repeated a 'rinse' cylce 5 times then....
    • dry burned repeatedly, 4 seconds on, 4 seconds off (blowing in the tank chamber)...until there was no more smoke no more smell, and as Sassy said until the heater glowed after a 1 second press.
    • dropped the atty in the drinking water bottle with the remaining room temp water and shook it for about a minute
    • blew out the remaining final rinse water *blowing in each end* (why not...) until no more water blew out
    • Qtip dried each end
    • stuck on a tank and pulled (without inhaling) hard on it about 7 times for good luck, and what better way to prime it?
    • back on the USB PT battery connected...
    • fired it up residual burn nor vinegar taste. Worked very well. No waiting for it to dry at all.