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broken evic head rewire.

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by , 03-25-2014 at 08:12 AM (248 Views)
I have a broken evic that was lying around so i decided to make a box mod out of it. I looked around for some wiring info for the switches and didn't find any so i made one for anyone who is interested. i will be posting more when i get further into the project.

first take apart the broken evic. it wont be pretty. just try not to break the board. then pull the 2 switches off. there will be a momentary on the back which is fire. and a spdt on the bottom that was for the control ring. un-solder them from the board. then connect these wires for your new switches!

please excuse the ugly solder points. they are frustratingly small and i was on my third cup of coffee when i was attempting this.

blogs/rdacrazy/attachments/319120-broken-evic-head-rewire-ecig-pic1.jpg 1. negative to momentary switch. 2. positive to momentary switch.

blogs/rdacrazy/attachments/319122-broken-evic-head-rewire-ecig-pic-2.jpg1. positive lead to battery 2. negative lead to battry 3.negative switch down 4. positive switch down 5. positive switch up 6. negative switch up.

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