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  1. TRA REO Grand SL SO LP

    by , Today at 07:14 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by SeaNap View Post
    Well here she is! This thing is freakin amazing, it really is super light (SL), it's got all the new upgraded contacts (SO), and it's low profile (LP).

  2. Boosting Nic Free E-Juice to my desired strength of Nicotine

    by , Today at 12:50 AM
  3. ecigs/ vaping "just as bad for you"

    by , Yesterday at 07:17 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by edyle View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Amraann View Post
    I have a friend who was the head ER surgeon in a major Miami hospital for many years. He is going to be visiting this weekend.
    I am going to ask his opinion of e-cigs. I will let you all know what he thinks. He is not inclined to be a sheep and makes decisions on real research not media spew.
    I'll be waiting....
    Due date 27 Apr 2014
  4. Hydration...Myth or Do we really have to?

    by , Yesterday at 01:11 PM
    Been seeing alot of posts about drinking impressive amounts of water that would bloat a 2 humped camel. Dehydration is measured by a percentage of body weight.
    Mild dehydration falls into the 0 - 3% range, moderate is 4 - 8%, and severe is 9 - 20%. Pretty much has been stated as much beyond 20% you are near death.
    Lets just say we have a person who weighs in at 200 lbs. ( for easy math purposes)
    3% weighs 6 lbs, 8% is 16 lbs, and 20% is 40 lbs. Considering that water weighs 8.8 ...
  5. vlookup

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