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  1. New SX Mini M -

    by , Yesterday at 07:44 PM
    Well, after years of being a loyal Provari fan I don't think my P3 is going to see much use any more. The P3 is a great device but my vaping needs have outgrown it's design point. Moving to heavier gauge builds with RDAs requires more than 20W to get a satisfactory vape, and while the P3 can pump 20W, the boost feature won't work well above 12-13W. Add, one of the things I loved about the provari was the ability to run with 18350's or 18490's but at higher power & current draw, those batteries ...
  2. Update 6/14/14

    by , Yesterday at 07:11 PM
    Iíve been a member here 4 1/2 years. I can no longer follow all the threads I've been on or the ones Iím interested in... especially some of the more active ones.
    I still use my Provariís (including the original one from November 2010). I gave up trying to find something better till thereís a V3 out, or till someone shows me another digital/variable device 14500 or 14650 size that will keep up with a provari mini (w/18350)Öhint to Provape- there are 14xxx IMRs out thereÖ I donít think VV ...
  3. Helping People

    by , Yesterday at 01:38 AM
    You know I joined this forum because I needed help with trying to find a great device to get my vape on, and now I find myself coming the forum looking for questions that I can answer. I don't know what it is but it is always a great feeling when I have an answer that helps someone. the funny thing is I don't know if anything that I tell to someone will actually ever help them, kinda funny because you usually don't get a thank you or awesome I didn't know that, but I guess it is the thought of helping ...
  4. The first ever Tootle Puffer post! Yaay! Thanks, Croak!

    by , 04-19-2015 at 09:45 PM

    Quote Originally Posted by Croak View Post
    Katya, make a trip to your favorite local B&M, ask somebody behind the counter to let you hit a good RDA at "sane" wattage and resistance levels with a juice you know you like, at a low 3mg or 6mg nic level. Keep it sanitary though! Bring your own (preferably large bore) drip tip.

    Then take a nice long 3-5 second pull right into your lungs, then exhale
  5. What I wish I'd Known before I Spent so much Money: cut to chase when you first start Vaping and save big bucks

    by , 04-19-2015 at 06:01 PM
    This blog is intended to help my fellow vapors as they begin their Vaping journey & it really is a journey.

    I quit smoking after 30 years of a pack of cigarettes a day (real cigs are referred to as "Analogs" on the web). So here's my advice after a year of Vaping & one year of NOT SMOKING!

    1). Ask yourself why you began or why you want to start Vaping! This helps you develop a path and spend your money wisely as you go rather than using the old trial ...

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