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  1. (16) Explain it for the dumb noob: Ohm's Law calculations.

    by , 08-17-2014 at 02:03 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by b7u3angel View Post
    Im trying to wrap my head around the ohms law/safety and I think I get it but then I realize I dont. I read some more and learn more but dont understand. Can someone explain it for the dumb noob over here?

    Like I'm thinking its this, you build your coil and it comes in at 0.19 ohms. I have a 3.7 volt mnke 26650 battery. Now im under the impression this is safe because when I bought my set up the guy in the vape store built my coil for free. Well I've been reading more and now im doubting
  2. Thank The Universe For E-Cigs (and, of course, the creators of e-cigs)

    by , 08-17-2014 at 05:56 AM
    I began smoking when I was 12 (a few months shy of my 13th birthday).

    When I started smoking, it was easy to give it up. Sometimes I laugh when people say that the first cigarette (or first pack) will have you hooked... because that's not true.

    Smoking is a habit, and it takes awhile to develop. I quit smoking for a year in high school and began again after the death of a friend when I was 16 or 17. That is when I became truly addicted to cigarettes.

    At about ...
  3. SMOKtech makes a better kayfun?

    by , 08-17-2014 at 02:26 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Hoopie View Post
    Looks great Andria! Happy you found a drip tip you like.

    This is an odd little beastie for me. Tried ss mesh with cotton at the juice holes. Ehh. So-so. Built a new coil and cotton again with just ever so little thru the juice holes. Dry hits. Re-arranged the cotton so it drapes down to the channel and just blocks the juice holes. So far, so good. Much less flavor at 5 holes but no dry hits.
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  4. Lush from The Refuge

    by , 08-17-2014 at 02:18 AM
    another one from Refuge

    Lush from The Refuge

    A nice full plume that lingers a bit, very little throat hit....reminds me of a banana cream pie
    a nice creamy banana pudding flavor with a hint of graham cracker
  5. Atomo Clone Update

    by , 08-16-2014 at 02:11 AM
    About a month after getting the Atomo clone from 101Vape.com, I started having problems. The switch would sometimes get very hot, or I would get a shock. It seemed to be worse when I used the knuckle of my pinky to fire, rather than the tip of my middle finger. At first I thought it might be the battery rattle screw that went into the 510 connection. It was always just a few threads away from coming out completely, and was always a little wobbly. I thought that the screw might not be connecting ...