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  1. My quitting analogs story

    by , 01-07-2010 at 03:47 PM
    01-05-2010, 04:38 PM
    My story so far...
    Today is my 1 month vaping anniversary and I couldn't be happier. I originally decided to quit because I got engaged recently and I want to spend as much of my life as possible with the love of my life. The decision was easy after 13 years of smoking analogs. A healthy life was the only real choice.
    I needed quick and easy access to an e cigarette. I saw the smoking everywhere gypsies at the mall a few weeks back and saw this as an ...
  2. My First Review - Johnson Creek 24 mg/ml Original, Low PG

    by , 01-06-2010 at 11:01 PM
    My First Review - Johnson Creek 24 mg/ml Original, Low PG
    Ordering and Packaging
    After enjoying the sample bottle of Jonson Creek Original that came with my M601/602, I decided to reorder some Johnson Creek. Rather than spend 20 bucks per bottle on something I was not certain I would enjoy, I ordered their sampler of 18 mg regular mixture (high PG) juices. And because I really enjoyed the JC Original, I ordered a 30 ml bottle of Original in the low PG formula (because I wanted to see ...
  3. iVapour The BB review by Ecig-Mag

    by , 01-06-2010 at 07:39 PM (Ecigarette-info : Actualités de la cigarette électronique)
    Hey !

    We done a review test from the BB purchased from iVapour

    It is really beautiful

    Cigarette électronique Mod's Review du BB
  4. Less analogs, more coughing.

    by , 01-06-2010 at 04:24 PM
    I'm curious to know how these e-cigs act on your lungs. That is to say, will I get "Vapers Cough"? XD

    I got my e-cig on the 4th of January. Before that I was smoking a pack of analogs a day. Yesterday, I smoked a total of 6 analogs. Today, I am going to try to make it three. I've already had one. The 'wake up' analog. Now I will save the other two for after meals. It should be easy peasy.

    The e-cig has saved my life. And I mean that in every literal way possible. ...
  5. ecig is my miracle

    by , 01-05-2010 at 01:42 PM
    32 years of smoking..

    I now have copd..

    I had tried quitting many times.

    nicotine gum didnt help, it didnt satisfy me, tho i did spend huge amounts of money on the gum trying to quit..

    the patches didnt do a thing for me..

    chantix almost killed me..

    thank the gods for the ecig..ive been analog free since dec 2nd of 2009..

    the ecig is my miracle..