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  1. First Entry

    by , 07-11-2010 at 10:07 AM
    [FONT=Georgia][SIZE=3][COLOR=pink]I'm really excited about getting into e-cigs. I'm looking at getting off the smokes. I know everyone calls them analogs, but that name just doesn't feel right to me, and being a little older I fall into old habits. So as far as I'm concerned it's a smoke.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
    [COLOR=pink] [/COLOR]
    [FONT=Georgia][SIZE=3][COLOR=pink]Got my 510 kit about 17 hours ago and enjoying it. Got some ruminations on the whole vaping thing though, so here goes.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] ...

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  2. Experiments with Cartomizers with my PV

    by , 07-11-2010 at 08:13 AM
    It's the end of day two on my cartomizer experiment. Got 5 more to go!

    I purchased all 3 off the different 510 cartomizers sold by Lite Cig USA. The Boge Hard Tip, The Boge Soft Tip, and the SLB Soft Tip.

    Haven't used an atty/cart for the past 2 days, cartomizers only, except for when I'm dripping on my pass thru at home, mostly to check out the stuff Jaxx sent me, and to try out a new recipe I picked up @ VapersPlace.

    A couple of things have already ...
  3. Signature banners - Part 2

    by , 07-10-2010 at 02:30 PM (The Little Blog That Could)
    [LIST=1][*][URL="http://www.feelinggood24.de/rauchstopticker/"]feelinggood24.de Rauchstop Ticker[/URL]:

    [/URL][*][URL="http://sig.vapornine.com/"]VaporNine Custom Sig Generator BETA[/URL]:


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  4. Signature banners - Part 1

    by , 07-10-2010 at 02:23 PM (The Little Blog That Could)
    [SIZE=3][B]How to add a signature banner to your posts[/B][/SIZE]:

    [LIST=1][*]Find a signature banner you like and copy the [URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBCode"]BBCode[/URL] from its site.[*]Left-click the [B]Settings[/B] link in the upper right corner.[*]Left-click the [B]Edit signature[/B] link in the [B]My Settings[/B] box on the left.[*]Hover your mouse over the top left button in the [B]Edit Signature[/B] section of the screen. If the [B][I]"Switch Editor ...

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  5. MY 500 Days of Summer

    by , 07-07-2010 at 11:02 AM
    just been racing and woo'n women :evil:

    and trying all different kinds of beer <hehe>:toast: