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  1. Fogger v4 : Twin Microcoil & Cotton Setup

    by , 05-16-2014 at 11:18 PM
    The Big Brother of Aqua !

    What is it?
    This is a take on the Aqua, a dual coil design Kayfunish SRTA (Silica based Rebuildable Tank Atomizer). Done better due to its wider girth ~ thus more deck real estate, thus easier to build and intakes more juice. And no, this version of the Fogger is NOT a Taifun-GT internal design, unlike all the other previous versions of the Foggers. And no, it is NOT A CLONE either.
  2. Kayfun lite : Twisted Microcoil and Cotton

    by , 05-16-2014 at 10:58 PM
    Time to Re-coil and Re-wick!
    Twisted Microcoil and Cotton

    The coil was already three months old, so while rewicking I thought of replacing it altogether. Here’s a look at the old coil and the new:

    Coil Closeup and Placement:

    Coil Test Fired:

    The Wick
  3. Key Lime Cheesecake from MadTown Vapor

    by , 05-16-2014 at 10:55 PM
    another madtown vapor juice....yes I'm addicted....

    Key Lime Cheesecake from MadTown Vapor

    Can I just say wow....first taste was an overwhelming taste bud punch hit with sour lime and then mellowed back/after vape with the smooth cheesecake....after the third vape it melds together nicely and even a graham cracker taste to it.

    I've tried this one in both the ET and a cartotank, while the cartotank mellows the taste out some, it is still ...
  4. 13 Months

    by , 05-16-2014 at 07:42 PM
    I have been hanging out with my buddies over at my local vape shop and moderating my group on facebook(Paducah Vapers anyone is welcome to join ) lately so ive been distracted. well and new mods and atty and such ofcourse :P. it just dawned on me that ive been vaping for 13 months. and totally cigarette free again for 5. i went thru a rough patch late last year, but whatever thats in the past now. the past year has flown by. we have come so far as a community. and within the past year 6 B&Ms ...
  5. Prometey-II : Twin SBS Microcoil Setup

    by , 05-16-2014 at 11:12 AM

    Microcoils Prepared and work layout:

    28AWG Kanthal, 11 wraps on Toothpicks. Pre-Twisted the coils to each other for ease of mounting

    Coils Mounted on the Deck:

    Tip: Keep the coil head upwards, with the tails at the lower plane while mounting. This helps in correctly positioning ...