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  1. Juice Reviews

    by , 09-05-2014 at 02:08 AM (Simply Newt's Notes)
    I have created a catagory I will use for my reviews of Juices that I have tried since I started vaping and purchasing juices online. I have tried several online vendors for purchasing my juices and have been disappointed more times then I have liked for what I have gotten online and I suppose one contributing factor is that I am not able to "test taste" the juice prior to buying them. I would order a juice simply named Banana and would expect to get a juice that taste simular to bananas ...

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    Juice Reviews
  2. Best 26650 Battery for Sub Ohm Vaping

    by , 09-03-2014 at 08:20 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Kaezziel View Post
    I've been looking at 26650s lately for a viable contender for sub-ohm vaping, and this is what I've found. You can get them from rtdvapor, so I trust them as much as they can be trusted.

    Behold, the KeepPower 50A* 26650

    *Just an FYI on the KeepPower 50A 26650s - Short version, Max Continuous Draw is 30A not 50

    Specs from KeepPower's website:
    1. Typical Capacity: 4200mAh (0.2C Discharge)
    2. Minimum Capacity: 4100mAh (0.2C Discharge)
    3. Nominal
  3. Cinnamon Roll from Parkes Vaping

    by , 09-03-2014 at 03:47 AM
    Cinnamon Roll from Parkes Vaping

    [edit] *note* after trying this and trying to find the product, it does say that this juice has been tweaked...so not sure about how the juice tastes now

    this has lots of plume and a very slight throat hit
    has the nice sweetness of a sticky bun with a slight hint of cinnamon and brown sugar
    not bad just wish there was a bit more flavor to the vape, it's a bit under flavored, if vaped more than a few puffs ...
  4. Marlboro's in the game now.

    by , 09-02-2014 at 10:03 PM
    As a smoker I signed up for coupons from Marlboro.... Well, in the mail today I get the black envelope, this time it's different, so I open it. Turns out Marlboro now has a cig-a-like called the mark 10. Guess that's all of them now. Wonder how many additives are in their vape when compared to my DIY!!
  5. In My Thoughts....always...*

    by , 09-02-2014 at 09:45 AM
    Ever grateful.............

    You and yours....those who serve, those who did..those who will.........in my thoughts...ever grateful....*{{{hugs}}}

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