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  1. Does anyone mix up unflavored nic juice to add flavorings to?

    by , 05-31-2014 at 05:01 AM (Using eCigs to Quit Smoking, or the umpteenth nic replacement...Successful?)
    Quote Originally Posted by zoiDman View Post
    Does anyone mix up unflavored nic juice to add flavorings to?

    I have been doing this for a Long Time.

    My Nicotine Level an PG to VG Ratios for my D2D e-liquids don't change much. Neither does the Total Flavoring/Sweetener Percentages. It is about 15%.

    So Instead of doing the Math EVERY Time. And Working with High Nicotine mg/ml EVERY Time. And having to Wash a Sink full of Lab Glass EVERY Time. I just make about 250ml's of Pre-Mix which is 15% Higher in mg/ml
  2. Vape curious.

    by , 05-30-2014 at 06:24 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by cjsmiley13 View Post
    Use to smoke Marlboro menthol smooth 100's, a pack a day, trying to vape! HARD! what is the equivalent in ml at 18 mg ? trying to figure out if I fill up a 2.6 3s, how much I'm vaping. does this make sense? lol
  3. A thread of my Tutorials & Reviews

    by , 05-30-2014 at 06:20 PM (super_X_drifter blah blah BLOG)
    Quote Originally Posted by super_X_drifter View Post
    Here is a thread where I have compiled my most popular videos

    Tension Wrapping a perfect micro coil using a precision screwdriver:

    Tension Wrapping using the coil gizmo by artistic wire:

    Mounting the coil (on a cyclone - similar to a IGO-S):

    wicking the coil with KOH GEN DO
  4. Pomegranate Tea from RAWR Vapor

    by , 05-30-2014 at 12:31 AM
    Pomegranate Tea from RAWR Vapor

    this is the first tea vape that I have tried and I have to admit it is pretty nice. Somewhere between a green and white tea flavor, somewhat sweet, although I don't taste the pomegranate in it it is still a very nice refreshing tea vape.
    no throat hit and plenty of plume.

    While this doesn't taste like pomegranate, it does taste like a good sweet green/white tea flavor so it's a so so vape...great taste just ...
  5. Questions

    by , 05-30-2014 at 12:31 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Baditude View Post
    With variable wattage, you find a nice setting which you prefer and set it, say 7 watts. The MVP's chip remembers this. Then say you change tanks and its a different resistance coil than the first tank's. The chip recognizes the change in resistance and makes the calculations/changes needed so that you are still vaping 7 watts. Set it and forget it.

    With variable voltage, it helps to already know the resistance of the coil. The MVP can measure this by pressing the V (voltage) &