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  1. My comment to the FDstupidA

    by , 08-05-2014 at 05:39 PM
    From: Andria Duncan
    To: FDA Center for Tobacco Products
    RE: FDA, Docket No. FDA-2014-N-0189, Regulatory Information Number (RIN) 0910- AG38

    I smoked for 39 years, anywhere from 3/4-pk a day, all the way up to, at one point, 3 pks a day. I tried to quit at least 4 times, either cold-turkey or using "the patch," but all I ever managed was to cut down on smoking; I never could entirely quit -- until I found e-cigarettes. I first quit using e-cigarettes in Feb ...
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  2. (15) Inexpensive Mechanical Mod/RDA Setup

    by , 08-05-2014 at 04:56 PM
    Many vapers are asking the best way to get into dripping on a mechanical mod and RBA without breaking their bank account. I've carefully chosen the following recommendations based on my experience which can provide an inexpensive quality setup, and added suggestions for the tools & supplies needed to make coils.

    The Silver Bullet and IGO-W were my first mech mod and rebuildable drip atomizer which are still in use today. I'm using a dual microcoil build @ 0.6 ohms with organic ...

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  3. Part Deux - For the advanced education of mech and RBA users...

    by , 08-05-2014 at 03:02 AM
    I've exceeded the 10 character limit in part one... so, here's part deux!

    > 2-17-14 Addendum: A coil calculator, developed by ECF member Dampmaskin and called "Steam Engine" (previously called "vape calc") has become available.
    It includes not only an ohms law calculator, but a coil wrap estimator that includes parameters like ID, target resistance, leg or "tail" length and variable coil counts... and a battery drain calculator as well. ...
  4. Going strong and staying strong

    by , 08-04-2014 at 11:34 PM (My journey into becoming a non-smoker.)
    Here I am doing it, not on the analogs anymore. Bummed one the other day and after 2 puff's it was so nasty I had to put it out. I am staying away from the main smoking area at work so this helps allot with me craving one. I thought mornings with my coffee would be where I would fail, but honestly I do not miss that first morning smoke at all. I would rather have my vape. The money I am saving payed for my zamplebox in a weeks time, of course now that I vape and do not smoke i ...
  5. Pierceable Screw Caps

    by , 08-04-2014 at 08:49 PM
    Hello, I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.... I've been using 24mm Pierceable Screw Caps on a 125ml bottle for DIY liquid, love them as I don't need to worry about spilling, contamination, ect. My problem is, the web site {myfreedom...."} has not had them in stock for what feels like forever. Does anyone know a place I can get 3-6 of them without ordering 1000+?