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  1. Mechanical Mods 101

    by , 03-10-2015 at 08:30 AM
    Mechanical mods are advanced e-cigarettes that lack any kind of electronics or power output regulation. Due to their simple design and lack of safety features, mechanical mods are only recommended for experienced vapers who understand Ohm's Law and battery safety.

    Ohm's Law:

    It's very important that you understand Ohm's Law if you are using a mechanical mod. If you're not completely familiar with Ohm's Law please ready my blog post linked below:

    Ohm's Law 101 For Vapers ...

    Updated 03-19-2015 at 10:47 AM by RamShot Rowdy

  2. Sour Puss from MadTown Vapor

    by , 03-08-2015 at 09:58 PM
    Sour Puss from MadTown Vapor

    think grape soda meets watermelon jollyranchers
    a light throat hit and lots of plume....a fruity juice with a touch of sour....
  3. Malibu from Halo

    by , 03-08-2015 at 09:10 PM
    Malibu from Halo

    it's interesting to say the least.....
    harsh throat hit though makes this almost unvapeable.....
    pina colada with a heavy menthol and i believe some koolada as well...leaving your mouth tingling minty
    maybe at lower nics the TH wouldn't be as strong.....if you like strong throat hits and menthol this is a great juice...
  4. Spook Sauce from Good Life Vapor

    by , 03-08-2015 at 08:15 PM
    ok i'm impressed.......
    Spook Sauce from Good Life Vapor

    after smelling the juice i had to look this one up before i vaped it......and after reading it set my self up mentally for the vape
    A spooky blend of Peaches, Nectarines, Butterscotch and a little Rum.
    and if you've read through my reviews, you know....I DO NOT LIKE PEACHES AND NECTARINES!!!! *shivers* but honestly even though i hate those 2 flavors this is actually a pretty good tasting juice... ...
  5. Tropical Recipe Ideas

    by , 03-08-2015 at 07:37 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Bill's Magic Vapor View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by DingerCPA View Post
    Just whipped up Caramel Candy Apple, Cream Fantastico and Mango Custard. Needed some fruity vapes - made a lot of chocolates recently (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the chocolate custard!)

    I have regular Mango and Sweet Mango. I went with the sweet, but it seems like it's gotten cloudy since I purchased. Haven't tasted yet (working on the caramel candy apple - yum)

    DarthEmma, I'm snagging your Hazelnut cream. That looks awesome

    I'm thinking about some sort of tropical/fruity