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  1. My first 1.5 ohm coil

    by , 03-22-2015 at 02:12 PM
    My first coil has been working quite well. I have a 3.7 volt efest battery and I'm using 28-gauge kanthal wire wrapping it at 2mm.

    I did 8 turns and it initially came out at 1.7 ohms, but after a few times firing it, I checked my posts, which were loose. After tightening them down, not too tight to avoid breaking the kanthal, the coil started reading 1.5 ohms. That's where she's stayed for the last several days of vaping.

    My next coil, I think I drop down to 1.2 ohm or ...
  2. Don't pack your wick too tight

    by , 03-22-2015 at 02:05 PM
    I'm newbie to mechanical mod vapes, but here's one thing I learned pretty quickly. Don't pack your wick too tight. If you pack your wick too tight in your coil, the juice won't flow properly and you'll get dry hits even though you have a bunch of juice in your wick.

    Also, I've found that if I pack my wick nice and loose, after a bit of vaping, I'll take my tweezers and pull it through the coil just enough to get some fresh wick in the coil. It seems like after awhile, and I'm using ...
  3. Once you Sub you can't stop

    , 03-22-2015 at 01:25 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Zod View Post
    After reading 17 pages of thoughts, jabs, defenses, and replies, I only notice one person who seems to really understand what's important in the math of vaping.

    >>>>>Surface Area<<<<<

    Ohms is only a small part of the equation. My wife is currently using a 0.5 ohm Subtank head @ 14 watts with airflow choked down for a M2L hit and I'm using a modified dual coil 1.3 ohm Subtank head @ 45 watts for lung hits that throws clouds. Subohm means squat
  4. What does the future hold for Vape Industry, Acceptance or Over Regulation due to GREED?

    by , 03-21-2015 at 05:37 PM

    Vaping has only good and hope to offer to the smoker still caught in addiction and hope to the families that have lost loved ones to tobacco related diseases and hope to the ones who watch helplessly as loved ones continue to slowly kill themselves on cigarettes. Vaping offers redemption from smoking addiction if left unchecked as it spreads through our ...
  5. show off your mech! homebuilt mods only!

    by , 03-21-2015 at 04:08 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by david4500 View Post