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  1. The *SIRIUS II*

    by , 10-04-2013 at 09:30 PM

    The Sirius II, from Vape Art, Greece


    A Top-Firer, 21mm fully Mechanical Stainless Steel Mod, with some nice aspects to it! I received it recently and had been extensively using it. The more I play with this device - the more I seem to like it; and thus thought of sharing my opinion here.

    A Week into
    Sirius ...
  2. **Sub-Ohm Vaping** Discussion, Battery, Battery Info, & Warnings

    by , 10-04-2013 at 08:45 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Technonut View Post
    Special props to sonicdsl for the idea of making this important sticky happen..

    Here's some basic info to get things started:

    Ohm's law states that the current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the potential difference across the two points. Introducing the constant of proportionality, the resistance,[1] one arrives at the usual mathematical equation that describes this relationship:[2]

  3. xtc from fuzionvapor

    by , 10-04-2013 at 06:03 PM
    xtc from fuzionvapor.com
    this one is deceiving...I would have thought it to be a pineapple but upon research they state it is
    Sweet red fruits blended with sweet cream.

    Vape the rave. This berry blend of red fruits has just the right amount of sweet cream and coconut. This is a very sweet vape, and is complimented by the naturally sweet berry flavoring.
    this is a fairly sweet colada vape, I get no throat hit, absolutely smooth vape
    would recommend ...

    Updated 02-08-2014 at 04:49 PM by Shadav

    Tags: fuzion vapor, xtc
    The Good, The Bad and The WT_ Was That Juice , The Good
  4. Hopscotch (X) from FreedomSmokeUSA

    by , 10-04-2013 at 06:01 PM
    yeah this could be an ADV for me

    Hopscotch (X) from FreedomSmokeUSA

    tastes just like a Werther’s Original Hard Candies
    butterscotch carmel goodness

    Updated 02-08-2014 at 04:55 PM by Shadav

    The Good, The Bad and The WT_ Was That Juice , The Good
  5. Extreme Ice by Mt Baker Vapor

    by , 10-04-2013 at 06:00 PM
    Extreme Ice by Mt Baker Vapor

    I'm not a menthol person but this isn't bad, something that I could vape from time to time...

    this is a very strong taste, cool minty vape

    Nice to vape but easily overpowering

    nice as a palate cleaner or a wick cleaner for non menthol people
    for menthol people this is a must have.

    Updated 06-18-2014 at 10:37 PM by Shadav

    The Good, The Bad and The WT_ Was That Juice , The Good