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  1. Recipes

    by , 12-31-2013 at 03:12 AM

    CremeB 15 ml base 0.15 Seven Star - SC - VZ 0.5 Creme Brulee SC - VZ

    Blue Moon Over Paris 15 ml base 0.15 ml French pipe tobacco SC - VZ 0.5 ml blueberry SC - VZ

    French Pipe Tobacco 15 ml base 0.15 ml French Pipe - SC - VZ

    Seven Stars Tobacco 15 ml base 0.15 ml seven stars - SC- VZ

    Medusa Clone:
    1 ml pineapple, .5 ml orange cream, .5 ml lemonade and 8 ml base. (all TFA flavorings)
  2. Help my all 3 of my provaris are shorting out my cartomizer!

    by , 12-31-2013 at 02:18 AM
    I just dont get it, ive been vaping 3 years, one year on a provari. I've built my collection up to a total of 3, just got my newest on saturday. I bought 2.5 ohm cartos which measure at about that to begin with then after about 1/2 hour drop as low as 1.1, the cartos are fully saturated, not flooded and i've tested 3 different brand of cartos out all are doing the same on each mod! Like i said im no newb so i know its not my voltage either. Anyone ever had a provari short out your cartomizers? This ...
  3. Who has the best price on DIY flavoring???

    by , 12-30-2013 at 05:49 PM
    [QUOTE=dannyv45;11420621]Not nessessarly in this order but all good places to shop.

    [URL="http://www.myfreedomsmokes.com/categories/diy-flavorings/flavour-art-flavorings.html"]DIY Concentrated Flavorings - Flavour Art Flavorings - MyFreedomSmokes.com[/URL]

    [URL="http://www.ecigexpress.com/diy-e-liquid-flavors/hangsen.html"]Hangsen e-Liquid Flavoring | ecigExpress[/URL]

    [URL="http://vapingzone.com/index.php"]E Cig eGo, E juice, ...
  4. Is the Provari worth it? YES, and heres why. No fanyboyism, just facts

    by , 12-30-2013 at 04:05 PM
    Is the PROVARI worth it...YES and I will explain WHY. Facts, not fanyboyism. Plz Read!
    Hey guys, i just went ahead and picked up a new Provari mini starter kit off the provape website for xmas. I read alot of people asking about whether such a premium pricetag is worth it for a battery holder essentially. I will warn you that this is a very long post. Read at your risk!

    well, casting away all fanboyism, id like to elaborate on the facts and leave the opinions to the ...
  5. Evod/Protank stock coil fix [dry hit, gurgling/leaking fix]

    by , 12-29-2013 at 05:43 AM
    Crappy stock coils...there is a very quick fix for both dry hits and gurgling/leaking kanger bottom coils (works for EVOD and protanks)

    1. Remove the rubber cap and chimney (wiggle it loose)
    2. Remove crappy silica flavor wicks (leave the wick INSIDE the coil alone)
    3. Get a piece of cotton from either a bag of clean cotton (you can boil it to clean it) and/or a q-tip
    4. Roll cotton into a very thin string and lay it across the coils
    5. Put back on chimney ...