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  1. Juice Review: "Vanilla Ice" by MBV

    by , 09-09-2013 at 06:59 AM
    Not great, not bad... a bit too high on the menthol for me and not high enough on the vanilla. Not something I'd order again, but to each his own.

  2. Juice Review: Dekang "Cream"

    by , 09-09-2013 at 06:57 AM
    O M G ~ I hate to say it, but this is one of the worst juices I have tried to date. Ugh. I can't even in good conscience trade it or even treasure chest it here on the forum. Epic fail!
  3. Juice Review: 'Twas Brillig by Alice in Vapeland

    by , 09-09-2013 at 06:55 AM
    I can't quite put my finger on why I love this juice so much, or what exactly it even tastes like; it's a very complex juice but definitely a +1 in my book. Think it may actually become one of my ADV's

  4. Indigo Classic, Indigo RY, Captain Oohrah Review

    by , 09-09-2013 at 05:46 AM

    Here's a review of three Indigo Vapor e-liquids. I was very, very surprised by the great tobacco flavors these juices feature and was also surprised by an American company serving up a great Asian-style RY4. I highly recommend giving these juices a shot. More details and steeping notes here.
  5. Idea for World Vaping Day

    by , 09-09-2013 at 03:09 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Robino1 View Post
    I don't know if there is time to pull enough people in to be effective but here is the idea.

    Every member send your story to the national media on that day. Thousands of emails flooding the media on one day. National/World Vaping Day. We would need to get email addresses for ABC, NBC, CBS etc...

    A workable idea? Thoughts?