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  1. Deadbeat's eJuice Recipes

    by , 07-19-2014 at 09:25 AM


    Updated 08-01-2014 at 07:23 AM by DeadbeatJeff

  2. Comment sent to OCDE in response to the NotSoSafe website

    by , 07-19-2014 at 08:00 AM
    Dear Stacy Deeble-Reynolds,

    I am writing to you in regard to the recent launch of the http://notsosafe.org/ website. This website appears to spread false and misleading claims regarding the contents of electronic vaporizers, also known as electronic cigarettes, or ecigs. I am deeply concerned that public money are being used to further a political agenda and that a public agency with a moral (if not legal) obligation to protect public health would perpetrate such a malicious act designed ...
  3. A Day of Vaping

    by , 07-18-2014 at 11:26 AM
    My Kayfun fill screw arrived in the mail today, thanks to the good folks at SureVapes. I was so happy to have my Kayfun back, I took it all apart and gave it a thorough cleaning (which, to my surprise, it really needed), rebuilt the coil and of course, gave it a new cotton wick; then I cleaned my Atomo from top to bottom, and fixed a small problem I was having with the switch. While I was waiting for the Kayfun to dry I watched a bunch of Grimm Green videos. His new Vlog is hilarious, with a bunch ...
  4. Micro-comment #7 for FDA Deeming - re: TCI conflict of interest

    by , 07-18-2014 at 05:59 AM
    Docket ID: FDA-2014-N-0189; RIN: 0910-AG38

    Electronic cigarettes are not tobacco products and should not be treated as such. Deeming them as tobacco is a grave error with deadly consequences for more than 40 million American smokers who will be denied access to an alternative that is more than 1,000 times safer than combustible tobacco.

    The proposed deeming regulations would remove more than 99% of electronic cigarette (ecig) products from the market and deliver the entire ...
  5. Cafe Mocha from Halo

    by , 07-17-2014 at 10:10 PM
    not from my bag of goodies....this one comes courtesy of Halo from a contest I won

    Cafe Mocha from Halo

    When it first came in I tried it right away and first taste was kind of like a peanut flavor or nutty flavor
    after some steeping and cleaning of tanks I've put this into my vivi nova

    it's a dry flavor...kinda of like a dark roast of coffee....subtitle hint of a dark chocolate with a roasted nutty flavor
    after ...