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  1. Vapor4Life V4L Vapor Zeus Preview

    by , 03-01-2013 at 08:48 AM

    Here's a preview of the Vapor Zeus from Vapor4Life. This is a slim and easy-to-use e-cig that's surprisingly powerful. Battery capacity is 900 mAh and output is 5.0 volts. While I've generally graduated from cig-alike products, I was pleasantly surprised by the satisfying vapes the Vapor Zeus delivers. That said, I still need to spend more time with it before a full review.

    Detailed text preview and a long Simpsons tangent here. ...

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  2. EEEKKK! It's Melting!

    by , 03-01-2013 at 02:52 AM
    My condolences. I'm sorry for your loss.

    Many e-liquids are incompatible with polycarbonate and acrylic. Unfortunately, most of the inexpensive gear available is made of polycarbonate or a polycarb blend. Some plastics are described by vendors as being made of an improved material less likely to leach or leak, but leaching and leaking isnít the same as cracking or melting.

    Here is a list of just some juices people have had problems with:

    ECF on-going list of juices known to crack tanks ...

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  3. Sereilís February 2013 Recap

    by , 02-28-2013 at 10:46 PM
    February was my first full month of vaping. I wanted to give a quick summary of my vaping exploits.

    During the early part of the month I was still freshly off of tobacco products so I still experienced some mild withdrawals. Mostly a slight headache in the mornings and a few sporadic cravings. It was pretty easy to get through them with a couple vapes. I started my juice at 24mg, since I was worried when I first started out that I would choose a nic content that was too weak. The ...
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  4. Sereil's story

    by , 02-28-2013 at 09:46 PM
    This is my story of why I got into vaping. There is so much good information in ECF contained in a vast sea of threads, so I thought using the blog feature to consolidate my thoughts would be a great route.

    In 2005, while I was in the Army, I started dipping. At first, I used to do it just after meals, then meals and before bed, on and on and more and more. To make a long story short, in no time I was dipping pretty much all the time. Since leaving the military in 2009, I took my ...
  5. Heather's Heavenly Vapes Review

    by , 02-28-2013 at 08:10 PM

    Here's a review of three e-liquids from Heather's Heavenly Vapes: Cinful Apple, Heavenly Waffles, and Georgia Peach Tobacco. You can check the full review and steeping notes here. As for the Cliffs Notes version:

    Cinful Apple -- Really nice natural apple flavor complemented by just right right amount of cinnamon.

    Heavenly Waffles -- Very sweet, yet surprisingly complex. I'd order this one again in a ...