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  1. Now I remember why I liked smoking. (Sub-title: Relapse.)

    by , 09-05-2014 at 05:05 AM
    I'm having some serious issues here. (Incoming rank/story/ADHD, you've been warned.)

    Six days off cigs, have all my parts and pieces and thingamabobs for vaping, juices and all that jazz...but I can't stop thinking about the actual feeling of smoking a cigarette.

    Yay, tastebuds and feels and smells and NO! ....NO!... I liked smoking because I have a serious, unending, impossible to quench oral fixation. I was a heavy chain smoker of 305 Menthol Cigars because they were ...

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  2. Irish Cream

    by , 09-05-2014 at 02:41 AM (Simply Newt's Notes)
    Bottle Size: 5ml
    Nic Level: 6mg
    PG-VG - 50/50

    Finally a juice that I like from EC Blend. I like this juice alot as it has a nice darkish taste with a subtle sweetness to it. This is one of the juices that I will be reordering from this vendor and will probably get the 15ml bottle next. I do not think I gave this juice enough time to steep and I am already needing to get another bottle as it was hard to not fill up a Mini Protank and vape the mess out of it while at work. ...
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  3. Butter Rum

    by , 09-05-2014 at 02:34 AM (Simply Newt's Notes)
    Bottle Size: 15 ml
    6mg Nic
    50/50 PG-VG

    This was in the first order I made with EC Blends and I am sorry that I ordered such a big bottle of this stuff. I purchased a bottle of Butter Rum from a local BM and it was some of the best tasting juice I have had and I was hoping that this would be inline with that particular juice and was very disappointed that it wasn't.

    It was, in fact, this particular juice that made me come to the decision that I would no longer ...
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  4. English Toffee

    by , 09-05-2014 at 02:23 AM (Simply Newt's Notes)
    Bottle Size: 5ml
    6mg Nic
    Extra Flavor

    This is one of the 1st juices I got from EC Blends and quite frankly, I am glad I got the small bottle of this because the taste of this juice is not what I expected. It was more of a fruity taste for me and I really do not care for a fruity taste when I am vaping. I dislike the taste of this juice but will say that I have tasted for worse then this. So much so that there are some juices that I simply gave away because I did not want ...
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  5. Juice Reviews

    by , 09-05-2014 at 02:08 AM (Simply Newt's Notes)
    I have created a catagory I will use for my reviews of Juices that I have tried since I started vaping and purchasing juices online. I have tried several online vendors for purchasing my juices and have been disappointed more times then I have liked for what I have gotten online and I suppose one contributing factor is that I am not able to "test taste" the juice prior to buying them. I would order a juice simply named Banana and would expect to get a juice that taste simular to bananas ...

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