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  1. Soft Serve Strawberry from MadTown Vapor

    by , 06-12-2014 at 02:05 AM
    Soft Serve Strawberry from MadTown Vapor

    plenty of plume, a little throat hit and omg...spot on with the flavor...sweet creamy strawberry....I could sit here and just smell the juice all day long smells so good and vapes awesome
    one of my coworkers that isn't a big smoker, she has a black n mild once a week had to try some today
    I may have just converted her to a vapor with this juice
  2. Review: SS Edition Stingray clone

    by , 06-11-2014 at 07:30 PM

    The original Stingray mechanical mod is made by JD Tech, and retails for $185-200 USD. The SS edition Stingray mechanical mod clone featured in this review was ordered from Focalecig.com, sku 18776, and is priced at $26.74 USD. The package was securely wrapped in a bubble wrap envelope, and comes in a simple white box.

    Product Specs:

  3. Older Folks and Vaping Back Porch - Part 2

    by , 06-11-2014 at 01:59 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by 0mg Meniere View Post
    Yeah. That suggests blueberry at 15%, vanilla cupcake at 20%. So, if you want, you could mix .75 ml blueberry per 5 ml of base, and 1 ml vanilla cupcake per 5 ml of base. Then once you have adjusted them to your taste, you could experiment with them in various proportions for your preferred BBMuffin.
  4. Open Source Vapor

    by , 06-10-2014 at 10:18 PM
    Toka Cola- AMAZING. By far the best cola vape I've tried. Does NOT taste like Cola candy (Bottle Caps) the way other juices I've tried do. Tastes like straight up Cola. A gourmet/ fancy cola. Very, very good. One of my favorite juices of all time.

    Mojito- it's ok. it's a pretty light flavor.. but mojitos are a light flavored drink IMO. tastes legit.
  5. Ahlusion #3

    by , 06-10-2014 at 10:16 PM
    Received June 9, 2014 (all 50/50, extra flavor)

    Stardust- very good. tastes like a mixture of candied blueberry and the real one. I think I also detect pineapple in it... but it's good.

    Boba Tea- nice tea flavor with cream. good.

    Watermelon Jubelance- tastes like watermelon jollyranchers with a hint of coolness and lime. good.

    Smooth Criminal- needs to steep/tobacco. Have not tried yet.