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  1. Rayon thread - Notable posts 400-800

    by , 07-26-2014 at 05:56 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by xpen View Post
    I'm guilty to that charge as well, even though I've always had an open mind about wicking materials. Until I dug deeper in this thread, to me Rayon was nasty stuff to vape on...

    The Rayon name sounds like synthetic material, like nylon and the like... Which it is btw, only it's man-made but out of natural stuff, the wood pulp. Its shiny look doesn't help, either.

    All in all it may be very difficult to convey that simple truth to the average Joe, though... I'm not
  2. Kayfun O-Ring Sizes

  3. Ehpro Kayfun Lite Plus V2 - Dual Airflow

    by , 07-25-2014 at 08:19 AM
    As you might of seen or heard Ehpro came out with a Dual Airflow KFL+ V2. So is it worth it?

    I've used and build several version of the KFL's over the last few months. From different clone to authentic. So I have extensive history with the atty.

    As we all know the KFL depending on version and how hard you drawn is some what restrictive and whistles depending on the users. If you use RDA's you find it very restrictive then a tank or carto user.

    I received ...
  4. Zample box I love you.

    by , 07-24-2014 at 11:21 PM (My journey into becoming a non-smoker.)
    Signed up for Zample box and got my first one yesterday, for what I have been spending on juice lately it was nice to get 6 juices that I would never have tried. Not in love with them all but have found a few that are slowly becoming my adv.
    I am on day one of not smoking completely and so far so good with that, this morning had pencil by must vape and that somehow got me through that urge to smoke. Honestly I am going to upgrade my box in a few weeks, and I know with the money ...
  5. How Come Stock Coils Suck So Much?

    by , 07-24-2014 at 07:54 PM
    Recent realization, the dual coils that come stock with the Aerotank suck.

    I put a regular single coil in there and it just works so much better.
    For some reason, the dual coils just always result in leaking and poor flavor.

    I put the dual coil back in to see if it was just user error, and sure enough, after a couple hours of using it - same damned problem.

    The thing I find funny about this is the single coil I put in it produces pretty much (if not literally) ...