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  1. tobh insulator

    by , 09-18-2014 at 01:35 AM
    so i have happened to fry my insulator and now the post just spins and wont fire because the insulator has happened to melt over the positive post pin that makes the connection so there any place i can get just the plastic insulator?
  2. EHPro Valkyrie Mechanical Hybrid

  3. Music and Vaping. Match made in heaven?

    by , 09-15-2014 at 08:01 PM
    I have noticed that whenever I go to a B&M they are always playing techno or trap or electronic music. I think I may have figured out why they do this. One reason is that it helps people buy stuff, that kind of music makes you more energetic, it increases your heart rate which pumps more blood to the brain, which can make you more excited. When you are more excited you are more inclined to make decisions based on your wants and desires instead of thinking forever about a purchase. You are excited ...
  4. Quit date & Cost of smoking

    by , 09-15-2014 at 07:20 PM
    Glassmanoak's contest 57 with multiple winners and for winners!! Post 186
    Quote Originally Posted by liblue1 View Post
    The only thing accurate about mine was the date.....I quit 1/7/12 but because I couldn't give an accurate amount on how many "packs" I smoked...I was smoking a pipe with Natural American Spirit tobacco....1-1/2 cans every month....when I did RYO it was only to go out so I wouldn't get pulled over with my little wooden pipe......so at $35/ can the money I saved wasn't not accurate....I spend about the same in
  5. Kanger Coil Unit Improved

    by , 09-15-2014 at 04:55 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by atroph View Post
    Kanger coil head improved:

    First attempt. Tried 4 holes 90 degrees apart. Was close but not exact. 0.91mm at about 45 degree angle.

    Needed more air.
    Next larger reamer at 1.35mm. Much better.