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  1. DIY Recipes #3

    by , 11-28-2014 at 08:32 PM
    Unicorn Milk (tastes like strawberry milk)
    1% Bavarian Cream (TFA)
    5% Strawberry Ripe (TFA)
    1% Custard (FA)
    1% E.M.
    1% Marshmallow (FA)
    1% Fresh Cream (FA)

    Mother's Milk v1.5 (best with a long steep, 3-4 weeks)
    7% Strawberry Ripe (TFA)
    1% Bavarian Cream (FA)
    1% Custard (FA)
    1% Vanilla Swirl (TFA)
    1% Catalan Cream (FA)
    1% Vienna Cream (FA)

    Caramel Pear Black Tea (inspired by Ahlusion) *experimental phase* ...
  2. More DIY recipes

    by , 11-28-2014 at 08:25 PM
    Honey Peary Clone
    2% Watermelon (FA)
    2% Pear (FA)
    5% Strawberry Ripe (TFA)
    0.5% Sour (Lorann's)

    *Space Jam Andromeda Clone* (so far, my favorite DIY)
    4% Vanillan (TFA)
    4% Blueberry Candy (TFA)
    2% Pomegranate Extra

    Frankenvape Clone (require steeping, nasty at first)
    2% Kiwi (FA)
    2% Marshmallow (FA)
    3% Fresh Cream (FA)
    2% Vanillan (TFA)

    Like a Sir Clone v.1 (I personally would omit or ...

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  3. Latest plugin power adapter

    by , 11-27-2014 at 12:50 AM
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I use the one on the right when I'm watching tv or on the computer,
    or the one on the left if I am going out.
  4. MacTank by Macigs

    by , 11-27-2014 at 12:28 AM
    Hello Fellow Vapers!
    So this is my review for the MacTank.
    I made a huge mistake in naming this thread 'MacTank...horrible!' at first, after attempting to use the thing right out of the box asap.
    So. On with the review.
    I got the MacTank mainly for its looks, I couldn't find any reviews of it. I wanted a large diameter tank (yes) that fit the style of my 26650 Vamo Mod AKA The E-huge (yes) .
    Well at FIRST I thought this tank was terrible. However. After letting the

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  5. DANNYV45'S updated recommended reading for people new to DYI. Please have a look.

    by , 11-26-2014 at 09:39 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by dannyv45 View Post
    My blogs will give insight into all aspects of DYI, from steeping to what supplies to have on hand to a basic walk through mixing your first E-juice.

    E-Cigarette Forum - dannyv45 - Blogs

    Then read hoosier's blogs. These blogs concentrate on fine tuning your mix and give insight on additives.

    E-Cigarette Forum - Hoosier - Blogs

    Then read Boletus's blog's. These blogs concentrate on formulation of nicotine baces regarding proper calculations methods