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  1. Shade FA

    by , 07-23-2014 at 04:09 AM
    I only use FlavourArt Shade at about 8%. I make it 250ml at a time and add 1.5ml FA Vape Wizard and .5ml FA Black Fire (BBQ). Comes out as a very mild tobacco to me. That's the trouble with flavors; depends on the person. I tried all kinds of flavors but I am like you and did not want any sweetness in the mix. Just wanted an ADV that would replace smoking.
  2. How to make saline

    by , 07-23-2014 at 03:03 AM
    I just made mine with kosher salt and dw (1/2 teaspoon/half cup - make sure there are no additives in the salt

    1/2 tsp salt ~3 grams. 1/2 cup water ~118 ml (118 grams). 3/118*100 = 2.5% saline.
    For .9% saline solution in 1/2 cup water you need 1.062 grams of salt or ~1/6 of a teaspoon. 1.062/118*100 = .9% saline.
    1/4 tsp salt in 3/4 cup of water is close @.86% saline. A touch under 3/4 cup of water to 1/4 tsp of salt should be close enough.

    Nothing wrong ...
  3. My Journey: 6 Days In

    by , 07-22-2014 at 05:30 PM
    I am technically not new to vaping, I bought my first e-cig two years ago. Here is my story up til now:

    Two years ago, I was shopping at a local flea market with a nonsmoker friend of mine. We came across a booth that belonged to a local who was selling e-cigs (ego) and her homemade juices. That was my first experience with an e-cig and I was fascinated enough to buy a starter kit and I got a bottle of juice thrown in with the deal. I didn't fall in love with any of the juices but ...
  4. Black Barrel Whisky Mac

    by , 07-22-2014 at 04:40 AM
    Fans of Castle Long Reserve or Gentleman's Reserve might be interested in my latest recipe. It was not designed as a clone, but it's a remarkably similar flavor profile.

    This is a balanced, complex blend of Jameson Black Barrel Irish Whiskey and toasted macaroon. Jameson Black Barrel is generally described, "traditional notes of toasted wood, spice, and vanilla are enhanced by creamy, luscious touches of exotic fruit..." On inhale you get tongue-sweetness of spice as smooth ...
  5. Castle long clone

    by , 07-22-2014 at 04:31 AM
    i simplified my CL clone recipe this morning and concluding future effort to improve. i am thoroughly pleased with the end result and have no direction left to make it any better. all flavors are detectable and the best quality of each i have sourced. it will allow power to be applied without scorching. i am using a .9ohm nichrome/cotton build anywhere from 9-20 watts. i like the 12-15 range best for my current 10mg/ml nic app. i will be lowering to 6mg/ml when my new dna30 devices arrive. ...