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  1. About ducks

    by , 08-13-2014 at 05:59 AM
    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck is probably some apparatchik lying thru his teeth in an effort to expand the spare of the public's rib that he's allowed to gnaw on.
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  2. I've Been Vamo'ed

    by , 08-12-2014 at 02:27 AM (Simply Newt's Notes)
    I received my Vamo V5 Saturday and was disappointed that I did not receive the batteries or tank I ordered at the same time. I ordered all three items froom ebay and was very worried that I would receive bad products as I have been burnt on occassion from getting electronic items from ebay. So I was very interested in doing whatever I needed to do to make sure my new Vamo was everything I had hoped it would be.

    I called up the local BM which over prices all the products they sell and ...
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  3. Random thoughts from a rookie (still in first year)

    by , 08-11-2014 at 08:23 PM
    I've been vaping for 7 months now and I've gone through a lot of different tanks and devices.I originally started off with a Kanger ProTank 2 and Windr. The taste was amazing, didn't purchase to quit smoking (was at the time smoking 2 packs a day) but so that I could just get my nic fix at work and/or while indoors at theathers, restaurants, etc...I didn't pick another cigarette up for at least 4 months (I'll explain).Within the first week I wanted a device that went past 4.8voltz. I went ahead ...
  4. Getting Snookered

    by , 08-10-2014 at 04:24 PM (Simply Newt's Notes)
    Being that I am relatively new to the Vaping World, I am very gullable when I walk into a Vape Shop for the 1st time and start asking questions. This was true when I walked into a local Vape Shop when I got off of work this past Friday. An associate from work goes there and since I have been going to a Vape Shop a little closer to where I live, I thought I would give this shop a try and see what they had.

    Well the guy behind the counter was very informative and I had gained a lot ...

    Updated 08-10-2014 at 04:28 PM by simplynewt

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  5. Flavour Art - Single Flavor Percentages

    by , 08-10-2014 at 01:07 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by sophie_lapin View Post
    The flavor chart was getting buried so I thought I would post it here to find it more easily.
    Flavour Art varies dramatically rather than the typical 15-20% standard of TPA and Capella's.

    Please add more flavors to the list below:

    Barley Malt 2%
    Beer 5%
    Butterscotch 3%
    Caramel 2%
    Catalan Cream 5%
    Cherry Black 4%
    Chocolate 2%
    Cinnamon Ceylon 5%
    Cocoa 5%
    Coconut 10%