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  1. What worked for me

    by , 06-26-2011 at 05:03 PM (A journal of my vaping journey,so I can track my progress and record random thoughts.)
    [QUOTE=chiwalker;3514505]Oh,I am so where you are at. I do like the e cigs, but the convenience of analogues and the fear of not getting enough nic in before going to work plus the fuss of filling carts, charging batts, getting dressed for work etc has me crazy. I work in a stressful job with extremely negative self serving women,in the public. To appear less than perfectly dressed,alert,polite and quick invites the vultures to circle, and at my age (61) it gets tough. I get no encouragement at ...
  2. liquids - Boba's Bounty and NHaler Mint Black Tea

    by , 06-25-2011 at 11:35 PM
    I've tried couple of juices today.

    Boba's Bounty is definitely not my vape. It tastes like those Bulgarian cigarettes 30 years ago. I did not like it then, and I dont like it now.

    Mint Black Tea from NHaler is good, flawor is well balanced. Too bad it only comes with 24mg, that's too much for me.
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  3. My Special Phidias Mods – The Buckeye Twins!

    by , 06-25-2011 at 02:49 AM

    (Following is my article from the soon to be published June Issue of VaporMonthly)

    I would like to tell you a story about an idea I had and the PV’s that resulted from that idea. But first a real short history lesson that will help in understanding the special meaning behind this project. This is a quick history of the stadium known as the Horseshoe or “the Shoe”. It is where the Ohio State Buckeye’s football team plays. But this story isn’t really about them, but where this ...
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  4. My Current Vape Box

    by , 06-23-2011 at 09:28 AM
    [FONT=arial][B]I like simple and this is my current vape box.[/B][/FONT]
    My current Vape Box[/U][/B][/FONT]
    My Equipment[/B][/U]
    Reo Mini - [/FONT][FONT=arial][URL="http://www.reosmods.com/"]Reosmods[/URL]
    Reo 2.1
    Silver Bullet - [URL="http://altsmoke.com/"]AltSmoke
    [/URL][/FONT][FONT=arial]Boge Cartos - [URL="http://surevapes.com/"]Surevapes[/URL][/FONT][FONT=arial]
    [/FONT][FONT=arial]Joyetech ...

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  5. More Progress, More Discoveries, More Musings...

    by , 06-22-2011 at 03:46 AM (My Vaping Journey)
    I smoked my last cigarette on the 10th of this month, on the fourth day of my vaping [I]experiment[/I]. As I mentioned earlier in this blog, I was no featherweight smoker. I was an overnight chain-smoker when I started smoking at 16. I logged thirty-three years of smoking 2 to 4 packs of menthol cigarettes a day, every day except for a 6 month long "quit" that, obviously, did not endure. I've learned that the biggest obstacle for putting analog cigarettes behind me really was not the ...

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