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  1. 03.03.2011. Wednesday. Flavor Apprentice Menthol Problems.. and Solution.

    by , 03-03-2011 at 04:33 PM (Olde One's Journey Through the World of E-Cigs.)
    I mixed their menthol in VG, and it started to gel up. I added a bit of distilled water, and that just made the problem worse. I'm not sure what's going on.

    I was trying to mix up a batch of 0mg menthol. I put some of the menthol flavouring from Flavor Apprentice in my wee glass beaker, added the appropriate amount of VG, and it looked as if it was turning into a gel. ..or that the menthol crystals were trying to separate from the liquid. Hm. It got far too thick at this stage, ...

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  2. Day 2 of my eGo-T E-Cig

    by , 03-02-2011 at 07:41 PM
    Having been a pack a day smoker for 30 years, this morning was the very first morning I woke up and didn't have a cigarette. Instead I rolled over, took my E-Cig in had and had a couple pulls. After about the 4th pull I was ready to get up and face the day. I must admit I haven't completely quit smoking yet. I did have 2 analogs today, but on a normal day I would have had 14 by now. I have 23 analogs left and after they are gone I will not buy anymore.

    I have not yet found a combination ...
  3. 3/1/11 - Time Flies, So Does My Money

    by , 03-02-2011 at 05:08 AM (Starsong's Journey)
    I still don't have the hang of things when it comes to timing the V4L coupons with my ordering needs. I mentioned the other day that the coupon was only for carts & juices, which wasn't going to work for my friend's 1st purchase. I really didn't need to make a large order either to meet the minimum. But the next day I thought maybe it would be a good idea to get at least a couple more boxes of cartos since I'm going out of town again for the weekend. So began my buying frenzy...
  4. I received my E-Cig today

    by , 03-01-2011 at 09:31 PM
    I received my eGo-T today and I purchased 2 bottles of juice. 1 was Canadian Full Flavour, and the other was Do more in may a name knock off of the Canadian cigarette Du Maurier. After I assembled everything and filled he tank up, I was vaping away . I vaped in bed, I vaped while on the computer, all the places I would never smoke. It was a great feeling not having to go outside and freeze my .... off smoking an analog. I still have that inkling to go have an analog, but thats probably because ...
  5. Zombie Plan of the Month - February 2011

    by , 03-01-2011 at 11:16 AM
    So, episode 2 of "Frequency Z" will be out next weekend. I've got 80% shot already and still need to edit... But, I did get February's ZPOTM segment done, and since it's technically March today; I didn't want to wait any longer to get it out to ya'll.

    So, here you go... Hope you dig it! [IMG]http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/attachments/zombie-vapers/31072d1298977451-zombie-plan-month-zpotm-february-2011-smiley_emoticons_zombies_cool.gif[/IMG]

    [video=youtube;AcZMrc7AIMw]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcZMrc7AIMw[/video] ...

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