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  1. Still going....

    by , 07-12-2010 at 08:19 PM
    Well its Monday afternoon. Woke up and started vaping, not really out of physical need, mostly psychological. Still smoke free so far. Will update in a day or two with some thoughts/insights that have been rolling around in my head.
    BTW, still smoke free. only had the urge twice last night at work, and they weren't cravings, just urges that were quelled easily. The desire was less intense that the night before. Feeling good about all this.

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  2. Experiments with Cartomizers with my PV - Day Four

    by , 07-12-2010 at 07:35 PM
    I ran across some additional info, followed up on it, and successfully removed the hard cap from one of the Boge hard cap cartos. The cap came off cleanly, easier than I anticipated. It was actually more work to remove the glue residue from inside the carto than it was to remove the cap. I finally hit upon using a sharp pair of scissors to scrape the glue off, while holding it at about a 45degree downward angle, which worked out just fine. So I will retract my comments about why anyone would want ...
  3. Perfumers Apprentice flavors N - Z review

    by , 07-11-2010 at 09:45 PM (The Little Blog That Could)
    • Peppermint - I mixed this at 10% with VG and got a delightfully cool, fresh candy cane taste. It's warm on the inhale, but it cools your throat and mouth. It also has a touch of sweetness to it on the exhale, although you can sweeten it up some more with Sweetener if you like. This has a very easy draw, and makes clouds of vapor. A great first thing in the morning flavor!
    • Pineapple - I mixed this at 15% and got a mild, fresh, sweet pineapple flavor from it.
    • Pizza - The pizza is INTERESTING!

    Updated 07-15-2010 at 09:15 PM by Little Girl (Updated the Peppermint entry.)

  4. Perfumers Apprentice flavors A - M review

    by , 07-11-2010 at 09:32 PM (The Little Blog That Could)
    • Bacon - This is a very mild flavor. I mixed it all the way up to 45% with VG and still almost couldn't taste it, although what I could taste of it had a smokey ham flavor, which stays with you for a while after vaping it. Interestingly, this flavor cleans the atomizer of other flavors that are lingering. This makes all kinds of vapor.
    • Banana Cream - I mixed this at 15% with VG. It tastes like fresh, sliced bananas just like the ones you'd add to your morning cereal. It has a slight hint of

    Updated 07-14-2010 at 02:50 PM by Little Girl

    Tags: diy, flavors, review
  5. 24 Hour Mark

    by , 07-11-2010 at 09:20 PM
    So far 24 hours without a smoke! Will try to post a little later to update further. Going back to work tonight, we'll see how it goes.

    My coworker is really interested in the e-cigs, actually alluded to maybe getting one. Got one other lady at work who I see always having to go outside for a smoke. Recently got in trouble, for taking too many breaks. She works a phone and has to forward calls to the operator to take a break.

    Anyways mentioned e-cigs to her and she

    Updated 09-05-2010 at 09:44 AM by kj4lxw