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  1. Moving at a snail's pace

    by , 08-18-2010 at 01:26 AM
    I’m on the road with my kids, off to see my brother get married: we are driving, a 2 day trip. I decided before I left (gave myself a little pep talk) that I wanted to relax, take our time, enjoy my children, my family, the day. So I made sure to remind myself that no one is perfect, to keep my hormones in check, to remember to take one day at a time, each moment as it’s own.

    My son is driving. I wouldn’t be able to drive this distance anymore. He asked if I would print some maps. ...

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  2. Pictures Update!

    by , 08-17-2010 at 08:13 PM
    TOday, after posting to my blog, I added some photos of the two new devices I have coming in the mail right now. I'm very excited!
    Come see! http://meggalette.yolasite.com
  3. Goodprophets.com is the Bomb!

    by , 08-16-2010 at 06:55 PM
    I've had an awesome experience today with Rob from goodprophets.com. I wrote about it on my blog page : http://meggalette.yolasite.com. Please read about it!
  4. The Perfect Birthday Present

    by , 08-16-2010 at 06:27 AM
    First off, a HUGE thanks to Jeff for getting the Chuck to me before I left on my trip! Also, bravo for making such quality pieces that not only work whenever I need it to, but that are straight up sexy.

    I've had a week to put the Chuck to my ideal ultimate test. Usage without worrying one bit about the Chuck. Vape, vape, vape. Change/Fill cartos as necessary and switch the battery every other day.

    Long story short, I LOVE MY CHUCK. Thanks a bunch Jeff!


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  5. New Blog Webpage! Please Visit!

    by , 08-15-2010 at 05:33 PM
    My blog dedicated to my experiences with vaping now has its own web site. You can find it at:


    I have a page of favorite links also.