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  1. On cartomizers, bottom feeders and juice samplers ... and what will be in the year 2000

    by , 11-04-2010 at 12:35 AM
    So I troll the forums on the lookout. I know its coming. I have seen and heard of modders such as raidy from germany doing it. A reliable TRUE self juicing e-cig.

    A cartomizer is as close as it comes to that. I can fill my C-E2 R4 cartos with nearly 2 ml of juice and vape it all day just about. But it has some wicking issues as it goes against gravity and wicks UP to a atomizer coil that sits nearer the mouthpiece than say, a Joye carto. So about half the time you have to tilt it ...
  2. Vg PG Allergies (misconception that all ejuice and flavors are PG) update 1

    by , 11-03-2010 at 09:51 PM
    Vg PG Allergies (misconception that all ejuice and flavors are PG)
    The more I talk to others vapors I find a lot of people have some allergic sensitivities to PG.
    It's pretty confusing especially if you are new to vaping .
    The forums are great places for info if you can find it..not always so easy
    There seems to be some misconception that all ejuice and flavors have PG.
    I just think its more common that it's used.
    The PG Free resources are out there they are just ...
  3. Wow My own Blog

    by , 11-03-2010 at 03:53 AM
    Wow I can actually post my own blog. I have never had a blog before. What am I supposed to say in it? How should I act? Should I try to be funny? Should I be all serious and reviewy like? I just don't know. I guess I will just say Glad to be vapin full time for now and I will go think about what else to post.
  4. Woah...

    by , 11-02-2010 at 04:13 PM
    I have been alternating my nic level between 18 and 24 since I started vaping. I ramped it up to 24 mg when I felt like that certain something was missing and I was going through analog withdrawal. The 24 mg doesn't seem to be hurting me, but it may be a good idea to drop the nic a level and start alternating between 12 mg and 18 mg instead.

    The worst thing going on is some pretty bizzarre dreams. I mean, the kind that wake me up frightened and shaking. I don't think I am any more ...
  5. Dulcis & GrapeSoda from Vapor Talk Store Review

    by , 11-02-2010 at 02:10 PM