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  1. The Buzz

    by , 07-31-2010 at 02:07 AM
    This was going to about something totally different today - I was going to rant on about why I think the FDA and WHO need some serious regulation because of the way they act and try to interfere in people's lives but none of them are elected by the people but my Buzz came today so I'm afraid that will have to wait :oops:

    So..my Buzz..
    So far (and Im talking hours not days of use) this thing is impressive. My fave liquids are suddenly producing tons more vapor (even at 20% VG ...
  2. I love being treated well.....

    by , 07-29-2010 at 04:42 AM (Cozzicon: The Darth Vaper)
    Hmm... needless ramblings...

    I came into 60ml of free e-juice because of a vendor mixup. Freedom Smoke USA sent an order with the wrong items.

    And they shipped the right items, but would not take the ones they sent back.

    Well ok, I'm up 60ml of e-juice... good for me. But good for them too....

    I have always received good service from every vendor I have done business with except one. And maybe they were having a bad day. However companies ...
  3. Was a good day....

    by , 07-28-2010 at 09:39 PM
    [B][SIZE="3"][FONT="Georgia"]Not vaping as much today. Felt pretty good actually.

    Slept in (was up late on ECF as usual lately;))
    Weather was horrendous today, heat and humidity that kills on contact.
    But I got the yard mowed (front and back) and got a little exercising in. Good day overall, feeling pretty good right now.

    Tried dripping last night and liked it. I don't know if it will ...

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  4. Pissed off!!

    by , 07-28-2010 at 05:42 AM
    [B][SIZE="3"][FONT="Georgia"]Spent half an hour typing my latest blog entry, and when I went to post I got the "Server is too busy" message and lost it all!!!:facepalm: ARRRRGGGGG!!!!!!!

    Not going to do it all over so here is the long and short of it.

    1-Vaping, it's a habit. Better than smoking, but still a habit. Don't fool yourself

    2-Nicotine....it's addictive, should we stop using it? Is it really that ...

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  5. 7 weeks.. success!

    by , 07-28-2010 at 01:58 AM
    7 weeks, and absolutely no desire to go back to analogs. It's been 13 months since I started e-cigs. Heh.. it only took me 11 months to finally drop the analogs. :oops:

    I've become a lot more open about vaping in public, though I still keep it hidden some places. And the bathroom makes a great last resort.

    I noticed that me and my husband both require 30 mg strength to kill cravings for analogs. I've been able to drop it down to 24 at home and 20 everywhere else, but ...