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  1. Mako First Impressions

    by , 04-14-2010 at 06:15 AM
  2. The electonic cigarette directory

    by , 04-11-2010 at 07:15 PM (Ecigarette-info : Actualités de la cigarette électronique)

    Already 80 websites in !

    Why have an Electronic Cigarette Directory?

    Simple. As electronic cigarettes are invading the world, websites, forums, blogs , shops, and traders, are everywhere.
    To keep track, you have to add all these websites to your bookmarks, and keep them sorted so you can find them again.

    Not any more - now all you need is ...
  3. E Cigs saved my life, second part

    by , 04-11-2010 at 03:23 AM (E Cigs saved my life)
    This is so much more enjoyable. It's been a week, I have no cravings for another cig. I feel better already, no ashtrays or ashes, no smoke and I don't go crazy looking for a lighter. It is so much cleaner.

    Smokers have to convince themselves they don't smell to be able to continue this nasty habit. To be honest, we don't smell it when we're smoking. I have never bothered with perfume, because trying to cover-up the horrid smell just makes it worse; it's in the clothes, your hair, ...
  4. bought another pack of analogs

    by , 04-10-2010 at 07:59 AM
    I was quit for 2 solid days until I ran out of juice but even since I got new juice on Monday I've bought 2 packs of analogs. I seem to mostly vape the sampler pack from strictlyejuice and don't much like the stuff I got from viking, tastes too artificial, but I'm sure my opinion will change once I quit analogs. The sampler of tobacco flavors all taste the same to me and I only use about .6 ml a day because of all the analogs.

    I also got the blue foam filters and I'm not liking them. ...
  5. bad day

    by , 04-08-2010 at 04:22 AM
    Woke up way too early, had a headache and noxious all day mostly due to heat and dry air I think. Smoking 10 analogs didn't help.

    Coffee and my morning fag seems to be my biggest weakness. If I could get over that hurdle it would be a huge success.

    Enough with the negative, my car has been analog free for over 2 weeks, that is a huge success. And I only smoke at home, whenever I head out I leave the fags at home. Too bad I spend most of my time hear, lol.